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Does anyone have any experience in working is Saudi Arabia?

Asked by whitenoise (14121points) December 21st, 2010

My wife and I are considering to move to Saudi Arabia, for work.

We would be living in one of the compounds near/in Jeddah.

What costs of living might we expect, for instance for education of our two boys, transportation, food, etceteras.
(The company will provide housing and health insurance.)

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Get the company to pay for school tuition too, that can be expensive.

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The people I know who have lived there temporarily for work all had a good experience, but none of them had children, so I don’t have any feedback regarding that.

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@Tropical_Willie That’s a good idea (GA!)

And… I should’ve mentioned:
For schooling, they offer an allowance of 44.000 SRI (±12000 US$) per year for a maximum of two children. (We have two.)

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Your wife will need to go into this with her eyes wide open. She will have very few rights in Saudi that she takes for granted in the USA. She won’t be able to drive on public roads, for one thing. She won’t feel comfortable (if she’s even ‘allowed’) to leave the compound without you (specifically “you” or another adult male relative). Your life will be pretty heavily devoted to work, and you will probably do quite well. She won’t have a job, won’t be able to travel and shop as she can in the USA, and she will be generally miserable after not too long, and she needs to know that.

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Tx, @CyanoticWasp. I stressed that risk to her and we’re quite aware of that.

The US is in many respects a more friendly country to women.
As is most of the rest of the world.

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My company offered us work there some 25 years ago.
The money was remarkable, but the conditions were not.
They told us we could not bring our families, drink alcohol, talk with their women, or return to the US for 2 years. If we returned to the US during that time, even for a weekend, a lot of our pay would go to US taxes.

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@filmfann The tax laws have changed a little, but it used to be expats could spend up to 30 days during the year in the US and avoid significant taxation. Meanwhile, the OP is not a US citizen, so it would depend on the laws of his country.

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