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How do you find talented programmers to build a website?

Asked by josephwesley (7points) December 21st, 2010

How do you find talented programmers like the guys who built this website? Obviously the Fluther programmers are awesome. How can you tell who is a run-of-the-mill programmer and who is awesome? And how do work with the awesome guys?

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You look at their portfolio and check out some of their previous customers. Preferably, you have someone with some technical knowledge help you with the evaluation.

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That helps.

Second question—how do you find one that works for equity?

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OK, that is much less likely.

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Aravindr's avatar is a good place to start looking for options

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A great place to find very talented programmers is through the StackExchange network. Start by looking at As for finding someone to work for equity… you can try posting a position but great programmers expect great compensation.

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Unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to hire a programmer or two, you’re better off learning PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and Javascript yourself and build it yourself over the course of a year or so…

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