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I was getting into my car one day and someone had left a bunch of dead flowers on a towel in the driver seat, does this have any meaning?

Asked by soblessed71 (7points) December 21st, 2010

The flowers were dead and the color was white and lavender.

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Why was your car unlocked?

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It is a 95 model, not worth much. I also live in the country. Not much stuff goes on around here.

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Here’s what I see happened:
Someone admires you and put the flowers in your car for you to find.
You didn’t go to your car as soon as they thought, and they died.
Man, I’m high and this story is cute.

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I agree with @rangerr. I had that happen to me. Someone left a rose on my car and by the time I got back it was all wilty. Their intention was to leave a nice fresh rose.

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That is a great answer but I was in wal-mart about 30 minutes so that is not my kind of admire.

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Maybe they just wanted to dump the flowers and your car happened to be unlocked.
Welcome to Fluther.

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Ok…..So getting Dead Flowers doesn’t seem to be a good thing…like here or here….
It may be a sign to start locking your doors…

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Sometimes people just do weird random things out of impulse.

Maybe Joe is trying to win Debbie back after a huge breakup fight. She says “Bug off, I’m going to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. And don’t think I’m getting anything for you.

Joe follows her to the mall and stops in at Safeway, where he buys a $10.99 bunch of flowers. He waits until she comes out with her arms full, and he gives her this bunch of flowers.

Debbie is still mad and says, “Here’s what I think of that.” She yanks open the door of the nearest car—yours—and dumps the flowers on the front seat. But she’s too nice to let the seat get all wet, so she sticks a paper towel under them. She just happens to have it in her pocket because she read A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a long time ago.

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That’s really strange.

Was it hot out?

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perhaps it was a senseless act of beauty…

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Perhaps it could symbolize an emotion someone had towards you dieing or fading away.

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