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If you have over 10 posts moderated in less than an hour, shouldn't you just get banned?

Asked by sumul (360points) April 8th, 2008

You know, to make the moderators’ jobs a little easier.

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Nope.. It should remain subjective.

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Yep, as long as that person has the chance to contact the moderators at a later date to try to work things out—like if someone else was screwing around on their computer for example.

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yes – and not only if it’s within an hour…anyone who repeatedly chooses language or content that needs to be moderated shouldn’t be allowed to post

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I’m with JP on this one!

Wait, I’m usually with JP on anything he says!

That johnpowell guy just knows what’s up.

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ahh.. you would think that individual would maybe realize what’s up. Then again…

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If were talking about that 14 year old kid then yea. I wonder if he knows about Yahoo Answers?

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In theory, yes. In practice, I’d like there to be some human oversight.

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Well, 10 worthless posts in an hour isn’t adding any value. One or two well written answers/questions are far more valuable.

An auto-ban might not be fair, but schooling them isn’t wrong, either.

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