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Do you like your in-laws?

Asked by susanc (16122points) April 8th, 2008

Dear Abby and popular jokes are always full of people kvetching about in-laws. Mine are great. Am I just LUCKY?

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I’m pretty lucky, too! It’s a whole new family, but I Love Them!

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Please elaborate.

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@susan Don’t encourage him, please! He is not a desirable member of this community! However, you are awesome!

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I couldn’t resist. I do my best, but I have to admit I not all that fond of them. But, for what it’s worth my wife doesn’t really “like” her parents either. Don’t get me though. If push came to shove I’d bend over backwards for them. Bottom line I have pretty much nothing I’m common with them and I’ve either been dating or married to my wife for twenty years.

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Very much so.

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My in laws are divorced. My husband’s Dad really has not had anything to do with him since the divorce which occurred when my husband was twelve. My father in law got a new marriage and family soon after the divorce.

My mother in law is nice to me. She calls me her best friend. She is horrible to her sons. They never do anything right. She is also a pretty terrible grandmother. She just never acknowledges them for anything unless she is drunk.

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