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What's the name for this type of sleeve?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19026points) December 21st, 2010

I know that I look really good in it, but I never know what the name of it is.
Example 1 Example 2

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“cap” sleeves

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@anartist Really? I thought those were really short t-shirt sleeves.

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Love the green dress! The sleeves escape me. lol

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@Coloma I have no formal outfits – tonight I just used some black pants with a tank top and a shrug, but I do sort of need something that I can wear when the occasion calls for it. I may ask my mother for it for Christmas…

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A short sleeve popular on women’s blouses and dresses that extends over only the edge of the shoulder to reflect the ultimate in feminine style.

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I wouldn’t call those sleeves at all, they just look like wide straps to me!

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I agree with @rooeytoo. Those just seem like wide set straps in a triangle sort of shape.

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I think those are straps, not sleeves.

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I’m sure there is a name but I’d call them wide tapered straps.

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