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Why does smoking crack make your teeth fall out so fast?

Asked by Spargett (5377points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

How exactly does this happen? Its not just poor hygene.

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It’s because of all the chemicals in the meth itself. It just rots your teeth making them fall out. Not that I’m an expert on crack, but it helps to slow the process if you put the pipe behind your teeth as you suck in. Or so I’ve heard.

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So that’s why my teeth keep falling out, and all this time I thought it was because I was chewing on rocks…

You learn something new everyday.
On a more serious note, I’m pretty sure crystal meth isn’t the same thing as crack—do they both cause your teeth to fall out, or is it just meth?

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It’s not so much poor hygiene as behaviour caused by crack use:
-dry mouth (less saliva)
-some drink a lot of high-calorie sodas, energy drinks
-teeth grinding and clenching (slowly breaks down the enamel)
-neglect due to… being a crack addict
ADA article:

Another possible explanation: as one smokes crack, there may be some residual hydrochloric acid remaining from the process that is exposed to your teeth and breaks them down. This is why cocaine users lose their nose, the cocaine hydrochloride (coke) leaves a weak hydrochloride acid once the cocaine is absorbed from the system and breaks down the nasal bones. Crack however is separated from the majority of the hydrochloride but the same reaction may be happening on a significantly more defused scale.
(This is my totally not-professional opinion. I haven’t smoked the crack nor been a doctor nor a doctor who has smoked crack so definitely speculative).

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@ artificialard ~ I made the mistake of vising that link and checking out the meth mouth photo… yuck ! :0)

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Hmmm. This makes one wonder how one has so much knowledge in this field…LoL

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While poor hygiene on the part of any addict would cause teeth to decay quickly, crack knocks teeth sooner than most out by destroying the “pulp” or he living tissue inside teeth before the enamel even wears through completely. Crack or coke is still crystalline at a molecular level, and when it it is ‘based’ when smoked these crystals basically cut through the dentite bone and lodge in the pulp, after a time the accumulated resin of crack replaces the living root and thhe dead tooth and simply drop out. This is why some crack addicts save their teeth and wil actually ignite and smoke them if no crack is available.

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so are you guys saying shooting up coke is the best way or is shaking up some crackcoated teeth in a little alcohol then burning the alcohol in a glass ashtrays then scrape the goo up from the ashtray and smoking it. is that a better way to smoke teeth?

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@mcbealer Grossness, right?!
@Robby Like everyone I’m curious about drugs – researching them is kind of a way to vicariously try it through learning. I’m the biggest nerd ever made.

In an odd coincidence I was just looking at this via Buzzfeed before:

I love how this conversation has gotten to “how do I smoke my own teeth??”

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crack is wack so if you want some teeth leave it alone

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