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How tall is YaoMing?

Asked by titleone (8points) December 22nd, 2010

Yao Ming is the NBA player

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7 feet 6 inches

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For a second I thought the question was, “How tall is WyoMing?”. :-o

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he is 7 feet tall

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@mrlaconic would be correct!

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Hey titleone, looks like you’re pretty new… Firstly, welcome and all that good stuff. Now then, I just wanted to point out that questions like yours are actually super-easily answered just by using Google. I’m almost positive this is how mrlaconic did it unless he is just a trivia master and knew it already. Because when I googled your exact question “How Tall is Yao Ming” , Google placed the answer in big bold letters at the top of the results so I didn’t even have to click a web page. Yep, it’s 7’ 6” .

Just try this link to see how its done for yourself:

Yes, this is a ‘let me google that for you’ moment. Keep asking questions, and try to give us a juicy one next time that isn’t so Google-able !!

(BTW – Yao Ming is awesome, Go Rockets)

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