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Which member of the band got to bag the most groupies?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 22nd, 2010

Who in the band got to bag the most women, the lead singer non-instrument player, the instrument playing lead singer, the back up guitarist, the drummer, or the sax player? Next to the lead singer/guitar player the drummer is like the next most important member to a great band but did he have 1st or near 1st pick or did the groupies only get to him if they were not chosen by any of the guitar players?

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Groupies are dip-shits. They would nail anyone. Most likely people surrounding the band, like the roadies. When it comes to the band I’m sure they would want the most famous one and end up with some random guy doing lines off a toliet seat. Who gets the most ass, you ask??? My answer is the one left behind.

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Well, I was never a groupie but I have ALWAYS dated men in bands. I just find musicians attractive. My hubby is a guitarist but (before him, of course) I always went for drummers. I can’t really explain why but I always ended up having the hots for a guy who could play drums. It makes no sense, really. The guy I was always least into: the “frontman”.

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I think it depends on the band and the looks and the charisma of each of the players. I’m sure there are enough groupies to go around.

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Must be drummers. I played guitar and bass, learned to play drums because the drummer was always missing part way through the night’s gig. LOL

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A close friend of mine was a roadie for a famous band in the mid 70’s. He set up sound equipment and even he was a very, very busy boy. 35 years later he still has Hepatitis B to prove it.

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What an interesting concern. I have no idea. In Alex’s band, I want to bang him the most – he’s the guitarist, supporting vocals.

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The one who contracted the HIV virus! Although unlike him i’m not positive.

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I’d have to say the lead singer. Didn’t Steven Tyler of Aerosmith once brag about having a website listing the tally of all the different women he had sex with while touring? How shallow is that?

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Obviously the drummer. I mean look at Tommy Lee.

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I’d say drummers.For me it would be a dulcimer man. ;)

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My good friend AJ is a drummer and he is never wanting for chicks.

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I have a thing for the bass players :-)

Maybe it’s where they hold their instruments and the way their fingers move in that location, and the fact that they provide the dance beat? I don’t know for sure, but for me, they get it done.

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drummers are trouble….so are guitarists. I go for the horn player every time.

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I’m gonna really go out on a limb here and say it was usually the guy with the biggest… lips!

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