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6-12 months recipes for babies?

Asked by NummaNumma (5points) April 8th, 2008

What are your favourite easy meals that you prepare for your 6–12 month old baby, inlcuding breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and finger foods?

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Omeal with small banana slices is my son’s fav. He goes ape sh@&! Over it. I have not told my wife. That’s my secret. Muahahha.

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I always thought the baby recipe took 9 months.

Damn public school education.

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avocados are wonderful for babies.

I had a cookbook called “Ten Talents” that had a section for babies. It included teething crackers and other things. But, she didn’t know then, to avoid honey for babies until after one year. I loved many of those recipes, though.

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Don’t know if you have Safeway stores. They have frozen orange squash in the freezer. Heat it up. Its great for the family and for the baby too. Our son LOVED it so much!

Ditto for avacados..when we go out for mexican. We would ask for guacamole (without onions and jalepenos) and he loved it.

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