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What do you call "Raag" and "Sur" in English?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) December 22nd, 2010

What are “Raag” and “Sur” called in English? I think these are related to musical melodies or notes.
What is the difference between “Raag” and “Sur”?
Which of these should be mastered for good singing?
How to learn or master “Raag” or “Sur”?
Should I know all of the “Raag” or “Sur” for good singing?

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Are you refering to this? It sounds like Hindu yodeling. It is an aquired taste, and not found much in English singing, with the possible exception of the Cranberrys.

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@Dutchess_III @filmfann ‘sur’ and ‘raag’ are related to musical notes and melodies.I don’t know what they exactly are,hence this question.

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