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Have you ever gotten deals on things that you almost couldn't believe?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) December 22nd, 2010

You know what I’m talking about. You buy something that’s barely used, and in mint condition. You bring it home and research the price, you see it, and you shout “WHAT??!!”. What are some of those things?

I just recently accuired this APC fan thingy for $25, and barely a scratch on it! It works like a charm, and it’s the best deal I’ve ever gotten!

I also got this Sony projector for $75 in near- mint condition!

What great deal have you gotten on expensive items?

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About two months ago, my wife spotted a Cuisinart Convection Oven at a Goodwill thrift store. it was still in the box with all the associated papers. it was brand new and never used. she concluded it was a wedding gift that no one used and a divorce occured and this oven was donated to Goodwill.

Anyway, my wife paid $3.95 for the oven. the original new price was around $300.00 dollars!

We use it everday and its works perfectly. good buy, huh?

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@john65pennington Nice! That’s a crazy good deal!

@Supacase $150 for a remote, jeeze.

Anyway, thats a sweet deal too!

OMG paradox! I answered Supacase’s answer before it was posted!


BTW if anyone can find a review of the fan or some technical specs like power consumption and air flow that would be great, I’m having trouble.

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I just bought my husband a universal remote that is usually $125—$150 for $50 on sale. At a reputable company and not refurbished.

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I once went into a department store and saw two really elegant terry cloth bathrobes marked down 75% to $7.99 each. The checker then rang them up for $1.98 each. I explained to her that the sale price listed was the 75% off and she should have charged me that, but she gave a heavy eye roll and said “That’s not how it works.” At which point, my sister elbowed me and said “Yeah, marine, you dummy.

So I shrugged and bought them. The checker was wrong, but I tried to tell her.

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Marinelife. you made the effort to correct the situation and got a good deal for being honest. it happens that way and you benefited from it. good.

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@marinelife Cool! Yay for dumb clerks

I agree with @john65pennington

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@marinelife If it rang up by scanning the UPC at $1.98 then that is most likley the correct price. Unless, it is a register from way back when the cashier actually entered the price? But, nice of you to tell the cashier. Amazing those robes were still on the sales floor. Usually we grab those deals up as we mark them down, and the customers never get a chance at them.

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We recently bought a beautiful new-to-us 05 Dodge Durango. It was a repo at a bank. Sticker new is $35,000. Blue book is no less than $15,000. We got it for $5,600!! Best. Deal. Ever! @XOIIO Yay for dumb bank loan officers!

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I once bought a pair of trousers from a Versace outlet store, marked down from £900 down to £300, then marked down again to £25. I found out, at the checkout, that they were supposed to have been marked at £125 but someone made a mistake on the ticket, and they were obliged to sell them at the ticket price.

Actually that reminds me – I need to put those up on Ebay… :-D

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YAY @downtide! I love good deals!

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Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Treadmill- used only a few times and then stored. Retail about $1700. but we bought it for $50.

Car- one owner, all maintanences kept up but the people got bored and wanted one last New car before the died (very old people) so we bought their old car for less than an used engine would have cost for my dying car.

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Happens to me all the time on It’s my favorite place by far to get the things I want in high-quality and with fast shipping.

Another site that definitely gives me the whole “I can’t believe how cheap this was!” reaction is I’m a big tech-junkie, and finding all types of cables and accessories, along with super cheap HDMI cables (I’m talking about $.90—$4.00 here), from this site is quite the thrill.

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My SIL acquired a pair of Rogers 35S/L speakers from a moving sale for $35.00. After he researched the speakers he realized they were collectible. He expected to get about 400–500. I sold them on E-Bay for 1,600. Boy was he happpppyy!

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Yes, It is my life-style to get the best bargain price I can on everything. I buy bulk, when it is the best deal, but I watch the per unit price to make sure. I often find clothing at rock bottom prices at Ross. I recently bought a sequined holiday vest for $1.25 at a place called Cargo Largo, where they sell liquidated items for low prices.

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1. I have a bimonthly pest control service that insisted I either paid for a service that they didn’t do, or that I paid twice for one that they did.

Either way, I couldn’t find any record of my overpaying, but they insisted that I did, so I conceded the debate.

2. I bought a 22” Samsung PC monitor for $300— or something like that- almost 2 years ago at Fry’s.
I still haven’t seen the charge on my credit card statement.

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