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Trojan Virus?

Asked by Fenian (21points) April 8th, 2008

I have the most current versions of windows one care and it has detected a trojan virus but it fail to quarantine and remove the virus. have tried other antivirus scans but they don’t detect the the virus at all. do you think its could be embedded in my operating system. virus definition -Trojan:Win32/Agent

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I don’t use any of the windows protection programs instead of the firewall because I don’t trust them. In all my years, I’ve never ever had a virus penetrate my system with AVG free edition (granted I got them, but they were all caught immediately). I would recommend trying that. But if you don’t notice any problems with your system, it could be that its not a virus at all and your windows one care just recognized it wrong or is being overly cautious (thats what windows does).

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Some virus detections also recognize legitimate programs as a virus/Trojan. Are you sure it’s just that? I thought that win32/agent was part of the os. I’m no expert but good luck.@lightyearsaway I agree I do not trust the basic firewall/virus windows programs.

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Reinstalling the system is always the best solution at the end and it’s also safest.

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Trojan Win32 Agent, also known as TrojanSpy.Win32.Agent, is a keylogger program. It is designed to steal users’ personal information and valuable data. Trojan Win32 Agent can badly affect the Windows operating system. If your computer is infected by it, you may notice some symptoms like slow PC speed, many pop-up windows, and browser being redirected to unwanted sites. Trojan Win32 Agent can hide itself in the system and thus is difficult to detect. However, it is sure that your computer is infected with Trojan Win32 Agent if you find the following processes in the task manager: ntlogon.exe, mfcexp.exe, svcbak.exe or trojanspy.win32.agent.d.exe. Once you confirm that your computer is infected by this Trojan, take immediate action to remove it so as to avoid unnecessary damage and loss.

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