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How is Teddy Ruxpin talking without batteries?

Asked by robmandu (21267points) December 22nd, 2010

See this video. I just uploaded it. The lighting’s not great, but it’s unedited. I haven’t messed with the audio track.

We thought this Teddy Ruxpin bear was busted. It’s old – dated as 1985 – and we weren’t surprised nothing happened when we put new batteries in.

We were very surprised when we took the batteries out and then it started talking!


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Must be haunted.

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Chucky reincarnated?

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Wow. That’s pretty crazy, and his answers are uncanny, too! How bizarre.

I vote for haunted, too. The only non-supernatural explanation I can think of is that somehow your putting batteries in charged something internally. But that doesn’t make much sense, because why would there be something to charge, right? Also, if the actual batteries didn’t work, why the heck would it work without them?

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lol….That is awesome….real or fake

If that is real…you didn’t fuck with it you could retire on the sale you could make on Ebay…. lol a haunted talking Teddy Ruxpin bear…. a couple million easy

If you did fuck with it you could still make some good coin off the sale… it as a screw with your guests toy…lol

what does “kill it with fire” mean?

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Wow, I honestly have no idea how that could be, unless he’s possessed, LOL! How strange!

OMG I love the topic you posted “kill it with fire”! That’s great!

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You didn’t check if there are any batteries in the second battery pack, did you?

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Dont give it water after midnight…..oh wait, that was grimmlins, nevermind.

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if it worked when you shook it… maybe it is kinetically powered

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Cough,* * made in china * * cough, cough….

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I Love it! Were those the things he said back in the 80’s too, or did he get a new vocabulary? Too funny how it seemed he was actually talking, or rather answering things you said. I vote for haunted.

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Eh Hm. Chucky was killed with fire. Doesn’t anyone watch campy 80’s horror flicks?!

I watched the video. Do you have another TR off to the side making the sounds? Sounds like a hoax to me. If it’s legit, then please make sure you don’t become friends forever. Stay away from windows, doll factories, open grates, and couches (Chuckie liked to hide under the couch). Also, stay away from the Vodoo guy who gave TR his powers.

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@Vortico is correct. There’s a 2nd battery pack of 4 AA cells. Hard to see and get to. They must handle the voice whereas the 4 D cells ran the animatronics.

Teddy will be allowed to stay in the house overnight.

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@prolificus , yeah, he POssessed!!

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I love how quick people were to jump on the paranormal bandwagon….let’s toss it off a cliff and if it comes back, it’s obviously the devil.

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^^ Void of a sense of humor are we? Was not being literal.

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I know they weren’t being serious, and neither was I, it’s just funny how far society has come, that’s all.

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@robmandu Haha, really? I thought I was joking.

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Kind of like how Terminators seem to die, but then switch to auxiliary power…

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That’s the shit nightmares are made of.
I love that it is a second battery pack, what a fun video.

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