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Would you tell your SO if a same-sex friend had a crush on you?

Asked by ParaParaYukiko (6111points) December 22nd, 2010

Straight/bi ladies, if a girl friend said she liked you, how would you feel? Would you tell your boyfriend/male SO about it? How would it affect your relationship, if at all?

Similarly, guys, would knowing that another guy had feelings for you make you or your gfemale SO uncomfortable?

Some people get jealous, some don’t care and some might be happy about it. And would things be different if you attracted to your same-sex friend, even just a little? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I’m just curious, mainly, if people care to share their feelings/experiences on the subject.

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I wouldn’t tell my SO if anyone confessed a crush, because it would have no meaning since I would not plan on responding.

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I’m with @marinelife: Aside from normal banter between acquaintances or friends, I’d not report a seriously confessed “crush”. It’s not going to go anywhere and my SO has plenty on his plate already.

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I think I’d talk about it, just because it was so novel. She knows there’s no way I would ever have any interest in a guy as a love relationship.

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As my SO is female, you can absolutely bet I would share that someone (same sex or otherwise) indicated a crush and would be very clear about how I responded (disinterest).

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I have done. He doesn’t mind, he finds it amusing and uses the information to brag that I am “all his and they can’t have me”!

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Seeing as I’m most definitley bi, and my partner must be at least a bit bi (or he wouldn’t stay with me) it doesn’t trouble me in the slightest. He’s quite the “bear” and when we’re down on Canal Street (the local gay village) he gets a lot of admiring looks.

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I’d tell her because it’s amusing, because that’s not an issue we keep many secrets about, and because we’re both gigantic pervs.

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If I had an SO, I probably would not share that information. I’d want to keep the friendship comfortable and not have my SO looking askance at my friend.

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I probably wouldn’t tell. It seems a bit unnecessarily cocky to talk about, in the end it’ll just sound like “Oh, hey, guess what? Somebody else is totally attracted to me! I’m so awesome!” I mean, what should my hypothetical girlfriend even do with that information? Worry about me leaving her? Confront the friend? Congratulate me on being that awesome? There’s just nothing to do with the information, I’d rather bring up other things instead.

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Yup, what @Sarcasm is the most likely scenario that would come to my mind.

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Yeah I would tell. We talk about everything, so it would be just another conversation.

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I would never tell her about that because she would want to watch! Just not into that at all….sorry! ;)

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@Cruiser Oh where’s your sense of adventure?

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@Blueroses Not that a man couldn’t be soft, pretty smelling and kissable…just not for me! ;)

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I’d keep it to myself. I don’t want to brag, make the SO insecure, or betray the friend’s trust.

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