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Best way to sell online?

Asked by eklamor (415points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

should I sell stuff on craigslist? Ebay? Make a website? I just need some money while times are hard. What’s the best route?

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If you know how to make a website without much cost then I would do all three. Do the ebay and craigslist thing and have a link to your website. Nothing like a little free advertising.

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If you’re just trying to sell a dozen things, eBay and craigslist will do the job.

If you’re trying to open a store and make an actual business of it, play to your strength: if you’re technically inclined, build a web store, but if you’re not, use eBay stores or shopify or something similar.

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I use Craigslist for big stuff, like furniture and bikes, etc., or things that I need to sell immediately. Ebay is cool but it takes way longer and is more work. Have you ever tried selling clothing? I’ve cleaned out my closet and made some money before selling to used/vintage clothing stores. Garage sales are good sometimes as well.

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I don’t know if opening a shop as an online retailer is the best idea is times are already hard. If you’re talking about ”drop shipping” which you seem to be hinting at, you’re going to have to invest in product first. Which could be disastrous if you’re already broke.As far as just selling excess possessions for some quick cash:

Quality photos: No one expects you to be a professional photographer, but people, please stop using your cell phones! Check out this link: Shoot to Sell: Taking Better Photos for eBay, Etsy & Instructables

Concise, quality description/info: Don’t just copy and paste the product info from the retailer’s site. People want to know that a human is selling this, and the exact condition it’s in.

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@rking – I have no clue about craigslist, but as for ebay…it’s totally against ebay rules to put a link in your listing that will take you to an offsite location for purchasing. Not a good idea…

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@spendywatson: I didn’t know that but I am not a seasoned EBAY seller. I have been redirected from many ads to an offsite location but I didn’t know that was not kosher. Thanks for the heads up.

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No problem…I wouldn’t have known either except that I just got bored and did a tutorial while I was checking my listings. :) I’ve seen lots of people doing it too.

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There are several considerations in making this decision. Here are a couple:

1) Can your item be shipped?
– If yes, you may want to use eBay because this will give you a much larger audience.
– If not, stick with CraigsList

2) How much do you expect for it?
– If not a whole lot, consider CraigsList because eBay fees may not make the process worth your time.
– If it is worth a lot, you may benefit from eBay because more people may compete for it and you could get a higher price despite the fact that eBay will take a cut.

3) Is there some junk you just want to get rid of?
– CraigsList all the way on this one. The word “free” brings people out like anything.

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I recently did some research on drop shipping. Like you, I intend to earn some extra cash on eBay without forking large amount just for inventory sake. But so far, i had come across none reliable drop shipper. Try googling for “Drop Shipping Scams” and do your research, eBay also provides tips for drop shipping methods.

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Both are the best website to do the online shoping or you can go through some other site also.Best way to sell online just create your own ecommerce website. You can definitely sell stuff in craiglist. Make sure that your cost of selling should be reasonable so that more and more user will attract towards your product and purchase it.

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