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Have you ever lied to gain something you really wanted and did it work out?

Asked by tigerlilly2 (1250points) December 22nd, 2010

Today at work, I overheard a couple of my co-workers discussing people in the workplace who had lied to get promotions and how disgusted they were with those people. Another lady I work with confronted this group of people and called them all hypocrits (what a day!) haha. So can you relate?

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Not me personally but I’ve seen other co-workers/or former do this. They took the credit of other peoples work because the other people were just quiet, came to work to do their job and just go home.

I’ve already knew a guy from a plant I’ve worked at who did this. He worked as a shipping department supervisor but had very little mechanical/maintenance background but he was a great talker and bullshtr. This guy took a job as a lead mechanic but outside of changing the oil in his car he had no real mechanical, electrical, electronic or maintenance background. He couldn’t weld, he didn’t know anything about pnuematic or hydraulic systems. Taking that job as a lead mechanic required him to be at least somewhat knowledgable on certain things like the other leads were. This guy didn’t take an entry level maintenance position.

Everytime his equipment would break down he needed somebody to help him. Modifications on his equipment were others ideas. What the sneak did was make up lies about the other guys (mechanics) while giving himself credit for everything that everybody else did for him. I knew how it was from dealing with him myself. Even when I would go to his house to drink I would hear about how the plant wouldn’t run right if he wasn’t there while bad mouthing everybody else for being lazy or incompetent.

Eventually we stopped talking when that plant closed down. His lying got him by there but I don’t believe he would ever qualify to work in most other plants doing maintenance. I’m not sure what became of him. Yes the workplace can be full of cut throats. I just try to keep to myself and no I never had to lie or hurt other people to get ahead. I did have to start off small and earn my way up however through experience unlike some people I’ve known.

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When I was a young gal in the 70’s, I got my first job in an office. After being there for a while, I really wanted to transfer to the “keypunching” room. It looked like so much fun, just typing holes in cards all day and not having to answer phones or deal with the public.

So, I applied for a keypunch job, and told them that I had done it before (lie). But I told them that I worked on a different model (so that they wouldn’t be surprised when they had to train me on it.)

It worked beautifully. I learned the machine really fast, and was the fastest keypuncher in the room in two months.

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