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Is iPad for the baby ?

Asked by sebyrollins (7points) December 23rd, 2010
I would like to buy an iPad for all family, do you think that video is real ? Can we give a tablet for playing to a small children ?

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As long as there are no small parts that can come off at risk of being swallowed, go for it! But I would also recommend having the smallest kids play with it while on a carpet on the floor so it can’t drop and ALWAYS with supervision! My daughter loved to play computer games using the mouse at about 12 months… and now she is off to college to major in math. =]

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I, personally, think it is a bad precedent to set for a lifetime of your child not being present, but instead engrossed in her computer. Your children should be exploring the world around them, not focused on machines.

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You can give a baby that, but why would you give a baby anything that expensive?

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@marinelife It is an information device—just a book with batteries that happens to turn the pages rapidly and contain an infinite number of pages. I shutter to think that you would suggest that children “should be exploring the world around them, not focused on books.” ~

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@williamlweaver You “shutter”? With a camera? I believe you mean shudder.

The asker said “small children” and referenced a “baby”. Small children are in stages of development in which they should not be focused on machines—not iTablets and not TV or video. Their brains and eyes are developing.

As for not being focused on books, while I advocate reading, I think that too much of it is a contributing cause of the childhood obesity epidemic.

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Thx for your answers. Papayality, it’s not a present for my baby but for all the familly. so, I surprised to see than a baby could play with.

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@marinelife Yep… In addition to “shuttering” I also suffer from extreme homophone syndrome. I actually came back to this question after thinking “awe crap… I think I used shutter” and it was too late to edit… =[

I’m all for balance. Sports, study, reading, gaming, eating, sleeping…. it’s when one of those takes up 100% that there is a problem. =]

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The iPad is for sure a great gift to give to the whole family, even your pets (most especially cats)

It’s a great device for toddlers as well, as there are tons of kid’s applications in the App Store, not to mention a lot of educational games, ABCs games, and even kid’s stories for you to read to them like Dr. Seuss.

Simply put, yeah; go for it!

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@mithical That was a really cute video!

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There is a game on the iPad store specifically for cats only. You can view that here.

Furthermore, that only other thing I would recommend is that if you will be getting it, and giving it to your toddlers and pets, you should get an extra protection for it; a super durable cover and scratch-proof screen protector like the ones from Zagg’s Invisible Shield

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@mithical Awesome video :)

I like the idea of putting a lot of kid’s books on an iPad because they can’t get wrecked like a paper book can (coloring on the pages, pages getting ripped, etc.), the whole bookshelf of books can take up a lot less space, and other things. But kids should also know how to “work” a book, like encyclopedias and dictionaries.

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@ChocolateReigns The iPad definitely opened the doors for digital books. Not to mention some come with amazing and fun animations that you simply can’t get on regular books, well, not counting those that upon opening them a castle builds up and such.

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Boy, is this a first world question or what?

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