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What is tie in Spanish?

Asked by rojo6000 (1points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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as in the verb or as in the aparrel?

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apparel=corbata???! LOL tie=corbata

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Get a Spanish-English dictionary. You’ll find the answer inside.

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Will this be on the exam?

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Or the lovely little Dashboard translation widget on Mac X 10.5. That is how I fool Klaas4 and Vincentt into thinking I know a little Dutch.

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lazo is a string or cord that is tied, or also refers to figurative ties like “the tie of family” or the “tie of friendship”... the kind of tie you wear with a suit is a corbata… to tie something (verb) is atar, so when a thing is tied up you can say it is atado… the only form of tie I’m not sure of is a tie in sports or games. When I lived in latin america I never played any sports…so I never learned that one. Anyone know?

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Se ata la cuenta? That would make it the same verb but reflexive? Atarse?

Now, speaking of uberman’s babelfish site; translate something from English to another language. Then translate the foreign language back to English and watch another way to garble English.

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Gail, tell me about it! My mother called once to tell me she had received an email from relatives in Buenos Aires and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. It kept saying things like “I tapeworm a good time. I tapeworm the letter you sent.” Even though I speak Spanish fluently I couldn’t figure out what the hell they might have meant in spanish that would translate that way into English. I realized they must have been using an automatic translator online, and so i typed in tapeworm to see what it is in Spanish. Turns out that tapeworm is tenia – which, with an additional accent, actually means “I had” in Spanish. Ha! Guess we can’t really rely on online translation services to do the job.

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@occ: that is a really funny story; keep it for your kids some day or for part of a collage for a big mom birthday.. And I tapeworm a good time sharing info with you.

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