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Why do you think Angry Birds is so addicting?

Asked by mithical (289points) December 23rd, 2010

Angry Birds just released their latest and highly anticipated update which includes the Mighty Eagle.

If you haven’t heard of the game that’s making iOS Gaming history either you live under a rock or just don’t care for games, which is sad. In such case you still want to answer my question, there is more info on it here.

To the people who play this amazingly, fun game on the multiple mobile platforms out there (I know there are some of you out there in Fluther!) I want to ask you, based on personal opinion, why do you like the game so much and why is it so darn addicting?

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(1) it’s simple – there’s no learning curve.

(2) even losing is fun.

(3) it’s free (right?).

(4) it’s hilarious.

(5) it requires no real commitment (there’s no real progression, no saves, no perceivable end) so it really doesn’t matter if you start and stop – so you can play it any time.

(6) it’s gotten a shit-ton of free viral press. For mobile downloads – well, the viral marketing generally matters more than any major media advertising.

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Thanks for the gratuitous slam.

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@iamthemob It’s actually a dollar for the full version!

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Never heard of it, don’t live under a rock, love games. Next?

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@mithical – That’s free these days.

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@iamthemob Haven’t seen any holiday special sale. Yet. Can’t imagine what would happen if the world suddenly had the chance to get the full version for free. It’d be iOS chaos.

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@mithical – I really meant that a dollar isn’t really an economic “barrier” to getting the full version. You get hooked on a free trial, and get a game for less than a song on iTunes? Whatevs (dollar paid). ;-)

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To those who posted about my “you live under a rock” expression, I’m sorry. I didn’t meant that as a form of insult, just to point how popular this game truly is.

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@iamthemob True! I remember getting it just by playing the first level in the free version many months ago. Couldn’t resist.

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I can’t play it at all. :’(

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It’s a fairly simple game without too much of a learning curve, though I thin at the later levels it can get a bit tricky. Personally, I do not buy media hype; the media merely makes me aware of the existence of many things but doesn’t automatically make me like them.

FWIW, I got the full version for $0.00. Maybe free copies of the full Angry Birds is yet another advantage Android has over iOS4?

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@jerv That’s true! Completely forgot Rovio had released Angry Birds with ads for free on the Android market

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I thought it’d be the only thing that I’d miss when I went from iPhone to My Dell Android (5” of birdy pleasure) but they only brought it out for free on Android.
I love it because every level is different you get rewards (3 stars) for doing well and golden eggs for doing really well.
It’s a simple concept and reloads so quick there’s with no waiting whatsoever so you’re straight back in the action.

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@mithical Cos I don’t have a Mac, you know.

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@guihurts Neither do I. I haven’t had one in over a decade. All PC and Droid X here!
In fact, right now, there is no Mac version of it. There is one in the works, but that is alongside the versions for WIndows, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

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@jery Got it, I dunno why I thought it was for Macs. Sorry.

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I really like it because it is comical.

I also like Cut the Rope for the same reason.

One huge plus for both is that you can exit the game without losing or having to save. The worse case is re-playing a short level. This is great when on the go or waiting for something and needing to kill time.

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@guihurts Because it first got popular in the iPhone which is closely associated with the Mac as both are Apple? Just a guess.

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Because piggys gotta mother-f*cking die, man! With their piggy-pig hand, and their piggy-pig faces, taunting you piggy-style… How can you rest knowing that there are pigs that haven’t died yet???

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Mmm.. bacon….

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