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Can someone reccomend a good and easy to use Database Manager for Mac?

Asked by DrewJ (427points) December 23rd, 2010

I recently had a web firm create a website for me. I’m trying to learn how to manage my users. I am used to doing this with Joomla/JomSocial but since this is a different kind of site, Joomla was no used. I need something I can use for my mac that will allow me to manage users.

Any suggestions? The best free one.

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It depends on the type of database. Sequel Pro (free) is an amazing Mac app for managing MySQL databases, and SQLiteManager ($49) is a good SQLite manager. You can install a web-based manager on your server like phpMyAdmin for MySQL and pgAdmin for PostgreSQL if you want the manager to be accessed from any computer with the database login password.

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AWESOME! Sequel Pro is exactly what I need totally awesome thanks!

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Wow @Vortico I did not know about the Sequel Pro app – it’s totally awesome! Much cleaner than phpMyAdmin.

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