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Do you type faster in the iPhone's small keyboard on Mail or in the larger keyboard in Safari?

Asked by ketoneus (1166points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m much faster on the smaller keyboard in mail.

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It’s about the same for me.

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I’ve actually gotten used to the portrait keyboard. It’s just Apple’s way of saying:

“Get used to the product and use it the way we want you to use it.”

Didn’t you ever find it weird that they had the landscape keyboard implemented only in Safari? Well, I kid you not: it is not a conspiracy.

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yeah- I did! I guess they want you to surf more than email!

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small keyboard in text messages cause I am so used to it now. My fingers are always typing something wrong when on safari if I turn it.

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Before reading the responses I actually took screenshots to prove that the keyboards in Mail and Safari are the exact same size.

But after reading I realize you are referring to the landscape keyboard.

…which I never use. I type very fast with my thumb. (challenge ya to thumb wrestling!)

But yeah – I almost never use landscape mode for browsing unless it is early morning and I’m still in bed, or if the website just really sucks in portrait mode. (I use my iPhone for browsing like 5–6 hours out of the day).

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I double fist that thing. Just as fast with either. Too many people decide they can’t do something before they even try. “Bah, there isn’t even a real keyboard, I can’t type on that thing!” The nice part of having a human brain that we can adapt to just about anything.

I can pull off about 50 wpm.

iPhone Typing Test

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Sorry if this is off-topic a bit, but anyone using the iPhone keyboard frequently (e.g. obsessive Fluthering) experiencing carpel tunnel or Repetitive Stress Injuries? I seem to be having soreness specifically in the metacarpal and carpal sections of my hand (from typing and holding the phone in portrait mode-email, messaging, etc.).

Lately it seems to be affecting my typing speed and accuracy. Anyone else having this issue? Sorry in advance (Ketoneus et. al) for the threadjack.

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no, I use my finger to type.

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I really type faster with the small keyboard. With the large safari one I seem to really slow down because it is so spread out

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I definitely type quicker with the portrait keyboard just because I’m so used to it from texting. The landscape keyboard is way to wide.

@jaeger: I also use it in landscape mode when I’m laying down in my bed. It falls out of my hands and hits me in the face if I don’t because there’s too little to hang on to on the sides.

And I took the iPhone Typing Test and I also got 50 wpm on the regular test (just because I’m not that quick of a reader). I got about 81 wpm on the freestyle test though.

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@Spargett & @RedmannX5 – I’m impressed. I can’t get faster than 36 wpm.

@sndfreQ – My carpel tunnel us no worse than it was than before I got my iPhone.

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Safari’s layout of the keyboard is best for me. I don’t usually mail from my iPhone too often, and if I do it’s You Tube-related via the share link. I’m also not a big text-messager. So I’m still working on getting used to a portrait keyboard, which I find a challenge because I have arthritis, and the balancing act is a bit tricky.
@ RedmannX5 ~ would you please post the link for the iphone test?
@ sndfreQ ~ my thumbs hurt sometimes from scrolling, other than that, everything ok.

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My carpel tunnel doesnt mind my iPhone as much as it minds my DSlite

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just as quick, but I double thumb it in portrait mode.

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I wish i could help you i don’t have an iPhone want one. I have a blackjack and that is excellent for typing.

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I got the new update. I use both ways in email now. But landscape is always better for me.

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