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Why can't I access my fluther messages by clicking on "Messages for You"?

Asked by lilalila (477points) December 23rd, 2010

So I can access my PM’s only by clicking the “reply” link in e-mail notifications, but not by clicking “messages for you” in the fluther toolbar on the right. When I click “messages,” it shows up with a screen that has the messages label, but there are no messages shown. Just blue. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I get it fixed and who do I contact (just the board or someone in particular)?

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@lilalila you want to access your PM? right or wrong! Someone has to send one…. I’m sending you one.

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That’s weird! That one worked, but I’ve received several others that didn’t show up. Where’d they go?

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Try logging out, clear your cache and log back in?

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There can be other reasons for this if the cache clearing does not work. Let us know.

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Tried it and cache clearing did not work. :[

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@lilalila check with the mod @Dog !

If you need amy moderation help please email the mod team at

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I am en-route home and will be sending you a PM. (I need a bit more information.)


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IT’S FIXED!! Thank you all for helping me! :]

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