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Is anybody else here a member of other question and answer websites?

Asked by Paradox (2570points) December 23rd, 2010

If so what are your reasons and how are they different from Fluther? Were you a member of other question and answer websites before joining Fluther and what did you like/not like about them?

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Answerbag and I am still a member there but I don’t go there as much as I do here. The big change they did was a mess.

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@Mikewlf337 Just out of curiosity what is it about answerbag that so many here on Fluther do/did not like? I always hear about this “big change”. I’m not very familiar with it and I was never a member of that site but the few times I did scan it answerbag didn’t seem too bad. It seems they have some balance of opinions on there compared to other sites which seem to have polar extremes as far as the majority users philosophies go.

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I was from Wisdm. It was different…quite a bit more relaxed. Very little moderating. We weren’t very nice to people who…. well, couldn’t put a simple sentence together, or came on like, “I thing im pegnate how did this happen?” but they weren’t tossed out by the owners. They were (I’m ashamed to say) hounded to death by we members and quit! Except for bob_. That was his first question. We chalked it up to he couldn’t speak English so good, and let him stay.
It was much more colorful and crazy at times. Serious at times, crazy at times. More bitchy infighting (among the men) than most of us cared for, so the moderation here is refreshing in that way, but it sure took some getting used to.
So many social sites are dominated by teenagers, so that’s what makes Fluther and Wisdm alike. We’re both dominated by adults but Wisdm had a more “live and let live” policy.
Oh…and Martin, our founder, posted a deal (not long before the site tanked) where someone had done a survey of Social Sites. We came in second. After some place called “Fluther.” The only reason was that one of the tenants of Wisdm was to ask a question that could be answered with a Yes or a No, and the conversations would go from there. It was pretty cool, and even challenging at times to ask a question that had a Yes or No response, yet elicited a strong reaction. My first “success” was with “Am I a bad Mom because I made my kids sit down and watch Monty Python when they were teenagers?”
Then, in the “More,” I explained their reaction and how much they ended up loving it!

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@Paradox I’m just betting that it was their first intro to a social site, for the most part. Nothing like your first, you know?!

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@Dutchess_III I’m not familiar with wisdom (I’ve never heard of it actually) but thanks for explaining.

To me Fluther is good for some things but not for others. This is why I’m a member of 3 other websites. Sometimes I want to debate while other times I want to just discuss a certain topic with like minded individuals without some %&# butting in.

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@Dutchess_III I still miss quite a bit sometimes. I know some people complained about the silly pictures and videos, but that’s the biggest thing I miss. Like doing the caption contests: posting a “lolcat” picture and having everyone comment with funny captions. Or even getting together with other wis.dmers and posting the pics from that meeting. Sort of like when I went to dinner with Steph and Russell. And let’s not forget Boob Wednesday! Jeez I miss it. /sigh

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I came here from and still check in there to handle comments to threads I was in a year ago. I am also active on the right-wing political site, I’m going to get savaged over there tonight, because this morning I left a snarky comment on a thread one of the Obama Birthers had started about Did the Director of Hawaii’s Department of Health falsify Obama’s birth records?

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@ETpro I just joined Sodahead 3 days ago. I made one response so far to a question about why Christians are so intolerant. Apparantely the “sodahead” who asked the question also made a justification in his/her own slanted question of why Christians should be intolerant of other religions or beliefs. I gave a strong response (in opposition) and it appears there is some life on there from the center/left who gave me support as well.

I didn’t get into any political arguments yet on there. Yes about 75% of them are to the right of me on there and I consider myself more conservative than liberal. I also don’t think the religious nuts on there would care too much for my self created God from the i-ther that emerged from chaos. No I didn’t go there yet but I don’t believe the religious extremists on there would have the mental capacity to even understand me or think outside of their own brainwashed little box.

I think I will just use Sodahead as a vent of my own anger whenever I come home from a bad day at work since there are so many deserving intolerant idiots on there. I don’t expect to take anything seriously on there.

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@Paradox That is just how I use it. I am fairly conservative, myself. But I come nowhere close to the real RWNJs over there. It’s theraputic talking to them. You learn alot about stuff that never happened.

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I mostly hang out on ask.mefi <—They frown upon shit like “Do you like tacos?”

If I need help it is usually about programming or computers. So I hit up arstechnica or stackoverflow.

I use this this to dick around and meet girls.

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@WillWorkForChocolate You said, ”...let’s not forget Boob Wednesday”…WHY NOT?? Why can’t we PLEASE forget! That and Thong Thursday! I almost had…until that comment! And don’t call me a Twit. It makes me fall down laughing and I have work to do. :)

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