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How do you detox from fear?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3552points) December 23rd, 2010

If one goes through a period of a few weeks where they are supposed to receive medical news about whether they will live or die, how can they detox their body from the intense terror that ensues over those number of days? Intense prolonged fear is toxic to the body. How do you heal from that toxicity?

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Go to the drugstore and get some Epsom Salts. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts. It will cleanse your body.

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You don’t really detox from fear the same way you do from heroin. Instead, it raises your baseline of fear to an unhealthy level so that you become hyper-vigilant. You change it by spending lots of time relaxing and not being hyper-vigilant. Biofeedback is great for getting your baseline back to normal.

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Fear is death, so fear of death and death is the same.

what is the antidote to death?


Where there is Life there is no death neither can any fear reign.

There is only one way to live Life…
Doing good out of a pure heart by observing Truth

In doing so Life will find you and show you itself.

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This is one of the best questions I’ve read here. Honest to the core. @kess has it right, in my opinion.

The epsom salt bath is great, because it relaxes you and encourages a physical detox. Breathing is huge. Find some fresh air and deep breathe, from your belly. As a people, we are largely shallow breathers.

Find something that you can smile about…something that overpowers any negative thoughts. For me, it’s being by the ocean, listening and watching the waves hit. And, I just adopted a little girl doggy who makes me smile hour after hour. Little Rosa has been the best thing ever, for my mental health.

If you’d like to pm me, maybe I can help more. Before, after or during the holidays is alright.

I have recently been through that exact thing…

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I don’t know about anyone else, but prayer and meditation did wonders for me.

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Count. Believe it or not counting does wonders to relax a person.

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Wonder this question: “If you die and your soul does go to heaven… then what?”

You won’t feel so much afraid as annoyed, because…

Life is a bitch…
Death is a bastard…
Boredom is an inconsiderate prick of a schmuck…

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Now I see your question in perspective. Is Mr D on fluther or somewhere we can offer both of you our support?

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