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Now that Fluther doesn't have a physical office, does that mean the Guacamole award is no longer achievable?

Asked by diavolobella (7925points) December 23rd, 2010

The Guacamole award is given if you visit Fluther HQ or write a letter. Does this mean we can no longer obtain it?

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That would be my guess and I was planning to go there this Spring.

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Boo. I was going to have my nephew (who lives really near the HQ) bring a note and cookies from me.

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And what about those crazy, mixed up April Fools days?

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They will probably have their own office(s) in the Twitter building or whatnot. If there’s still someone who’ll be sitting at a computer working on the site, he/she will probably do this in a room in a building with a street address.

BTW, what happens if I send them guacamole through the post office?

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Maybe I need to send the cookies to Augustlan?

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Maybe there should be a somewhat equivalent of an award for if you write a letter to Andrew or Ben.

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Will you guys stop it! I don’t need any more depressing news.

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Man. That just sucks.

I say we dote on Augustlan and give her the guacamole!

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Auggie needs a PO Box for her Fluther work so we can send her stuff.

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@cprevite That would be awesome!

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why dont we start a Whack a Mole award??

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How is the guacamole award in step with the nautical theme, anyway?

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@papayalily Don’t fight the guacamole.

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Hey.. I sent the boys a preview of a comic from my work.. I want the Guacamole award.. :(

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This thread is just making me hungry. I’m getting chips…

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Gets the dip.

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My hsuband makes great guacamole. Just sayin’

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@janbb: So when you say “makes great guacamole”...

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I cannot reveal any more but let’s jsut say it is great guacamole!

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