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Which car brand do you own?

Asked by bluepromise2001 (32points) December 23rd, 2010

Which car brand do you own?

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Subaru Forester because of severe issues with ice and snow and a killer driveway.

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I’m a serious Honda-phile.

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Our garage has a Honda, a Hyundai, and a Pontiac.

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A Ford truck and a Subaru Legacy. Just experienced my first snow with the Legacy and I’m in love.

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@MRSHINYSHOES What year? Nevermind the performance, I just think that the newer ones scream “pansy pretty-boy (If a guy is driving it).” They’re as round and “happy” as a Beetle.

No, I changed my mind. The only recent M3 I’ve seen in person is the 2dr convertible. That influences the look a lot.

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I drive an Audi, so does my sister and my dad (my dad also owns many other cars that I won’t bother listing); my mom drives a Ford most of the time and I have no idea what my brother’s driving right now…he doesn’t really have his own car. :P

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Mercury Mountaineer with 347,437 miles. Honestly this SUV has the greatest engine in it. Every time I take it in for an oil change the machanics are impressed. Me too! :-)

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I have a 1997 Ford Mustang

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I own a 2006 Saturn Vue, and a 1996 Jeep Cherokee.

@Supacase I miss my 82 Subaru. Best car ever.

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1985 Toyota about ready to click over 200K miles and still strong :)

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I’m on my second Honda.

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@Supacase I had a Subaru Legacy and traded it in with a little more than 250,000 miles. I loved that little car. I now own a Chevy Tahoe. I love that big car.

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Mini Cooper and a Ford.

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@psychocandy how is that Mini Cooper. I’ve always wanted one. But I didn’t think I would like it for a lot of highway driving.

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@psychocandy I’m so jealous. I want a mini cooper.

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We own a Chevrolet Uplander minivan, Chevrolet Aveo, and Dodge Caravan. It seems like whenever I buy a minivan, they stop making them. I loved my Ford Aerostar, and Chevrolet Safari/Astro and now they are no longer in production, along with the Uplander.

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I love it. It’s like driving a go-kart.

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Chevrolet Malibu

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Chevy Prism! Which is basically a Toyota Corolla, from what I’ve heard. It’s very reliable. And very beige.

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@Anemone Pretty much. Chevrolet has a habit of re-badging Corollas. They did the same thing in the mid/late-80s, only back then they called it the Nova. Probably the most reliable GM product ever sold too :P

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I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Magna, and my wife a 1989 Honda Prelude. My oldest son has a 1994 Mitsubishi Magna, and my youngest has just bought a 2008 Ford Focus.

My car has covered 271,000 km, with only a new clutch at 160,000, when we were about to tow a caravan.

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I ususally drive a DBpza 4
Happy Yule, everyone.

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Lotus Elise, that’s my personal little treasure. For family trips we use the Citroen Picasso.

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I don’t have a car Awwwwwwwwww!

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@ucme Car And Driver mag called the C4 Picasso ugly. What a bag of dicks.

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2010 Mazda 6 GT.

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2001 white dodge 1500 sport 4×4

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