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When you started college, did you find it hard to live with your roommate?

Asked by littlebeck30 (346points) December 23rd, 2010

I am a first year college student and I am often finding myself hating my roommate. This could be because I am an only child and do not like to share my space. Hmmm

What were other people’s experiences?

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I didn’t have much trouble at all! But I was lucky and got paired with an awesome roommate in freshman year. We agreed on our spatial requirements (bedtime, cleanliness, etc) pretty much totally.

It did get annoying having someone aaaalways there, though. I like to break into song on occasion, but not when there are witnesses around.

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haha, I agree with you though, lilalia. I need a break once in a while. but i guess this is the step into adulthood! haha

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I had some trouble…. We basically got along, but I guess I need my space. She was just ALWAYS there! And she talked to herself, sort of loudly. There were other issues, too… and I’m sure she had her share of gripes about me. I do remember feeling very resentful, angry, and annoyed at times. Luckily, she moved out halfway through the year—nothing to do with me, I swear! It was nice to have my own space, and a “super-single” at that. The bad thing is, I think we could have become better friends if she’d stayed, so it’s sort of a shame she moved. So yeah, I guess you could say I had a mixed experience.

My second year, I lived on campus but had a single room. That was great. All the benefits of the dorms, but no roommate. Living off-campus with housemates is another adventure to get used to! In each case, it really does help you grow as a person. (Sounds corny, but it’s true.)

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I was 23 and living with ones I had already known. No problems. We had a easy cleaning schedule and rotated. Kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Everyone did their dishes and was quite. All of us had jobs and had been around the block. But pretty much everyone came home took a piss and made food and went to the computers in their rooms.

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Ha! I love this question…
The university I attended sent a list of questions out to the students before the year began. The answers you provided were intended to match you with “similar roommates” (or people you could live with happily).
However, I think my university used my roommates and myself as some sort of social experiment…
I lived in a quad. There were four of us in a room about the size of a shoebox. One of my roommates was from Long Island and got into fist fights. (This was NOT the type of university where people got into fist fights) She was…well, let’s say “a tough cookie”.
My second roommate was stunningly beautiful girl with no inhibitions. I cannot stress this enough…NO inhibitions. She would walk around naked all the time, hang pictures of naked women on our walls and ask me to take naked pictures of her to send to playboy. No inhibitions.
My third roommate was really nice but emotionally damaged and a total stoner. She would smoke pot daily out of our dorm window and listen to Tori Amos all day.
And then there was me…I was naive and a complete bookworm.
So, I am pretty sure someone picked the four most opposite people and stuck them in a small room to see what happened. A lot happened. It was like a sitcom: the streetwise fighter, the sexpot, the stoner and the geek. Seriously, it was crazy.

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I had problems with roommates until I moved to live on my own in a room in a house.

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Nope, but I was lucky enough to have an awesome roommate! She was really low-key and chill and not easily aggravated, which I think is perfect for a roommate. She was also really respectful of the fact that I went to bed ridiculously early most of the time. We were on completely different sleep schedules but she was always really quiet when I was trying to sleep. For future reference, if you’re able to request a roommate, you could try and meet someone compatible on Facebook beforehand. That’s what I did. I got on my college’s Facebook page, and there was a thread in which people were answering survey questions about their lifestyle and looking for similar people to room with. Worked out great for me!

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I started college in my late thirties and my roommate was my now ex-husband. You didn’t say whether or not you live in a dorm. If you do, you may want to consider renting an apartment or home where you have your own room.

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