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Jellyclaus is here! He is watching- have you been naughty or nice?

Asked by Dog (25132points) December 24th, 2010

Whoo hooo!

Okay I have been good!

Thanks for showing your handsome tentacles!

So Jellies! Are you ready?
Are you deserving?
Have you been good?

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What if you’ve been naughty and nice?

A few select jellies better keep their mouths shut :O

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It’s nice to be naughty. That’s all I’m sayin.

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I’ve been very naughty. I need a spanking.

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Well if he sees me when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m awake….

I think Jellyclaus is a forgiving Jellyfish! hopefully ;)

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I’ve been nicely naughty. I think he’ll forgive us. :)

@papayalily I have a whip!

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I have been naughtily nice! (I wonder if there are many more ways to say that, heheheh!)

It’s Christmas eve where I live and here I am on Fluther. Family coming tomorrow and since the roads are closed due to flooding, they are flying from 400k north of us to 3000k south of us to catch a connecting flight 2600k north again to get to us. Having grown up on the east coast of the USA, it is hard to imagine. Merrrrrry Christmas everyone!

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No presents for me. I’ve been super naughty this year…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – He is cool with masturbation. PS3 under the tree.

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I can breathe again, so I can be naughty now.

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I’m always good. That’s why they pay me.

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I’ve been both but generally more nice than naughty. As far as you all know anyway. =)

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I have been very nice…..can I get my present now?

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I’ve been nice. Give me my presents.

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Jellyclaus is so doggone cute! I am not deserving but I would like a nice haul anyway. Thanks in advance JC!

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Ah, jellyclaus, it’s great to see you again! I’ve been nice with just a sprinkle of naughtiness to make it interesting.

You got my list in that last thread. I’d like to add a request for whirled peas, please, and a sprinkle of fairy dust for all the jellies on the site that are down at Christmas.

And, Happy Christmas, jc!

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Since I haven’t been repeatedly trolling, spamming, or stalking, the motion-detecting sensors of Jelly Clause have concluded that I’m a nice guy. :-D

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Always nice, never naughty!

May I please now have Natalie Portman?

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I’ve been nice and if I don’t get my gifts I will throw a major temper-tandrum.

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I have been naughty and nice. Very naughty and very nice!! I would make a good politician!!

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I have been a complete hellion.

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Hmmm. Define “nice.”

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I’m only naughty when the situation calls for it.
if any of the fluther ladies need an example… let me know ;)

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Oh, me of little faith.

My hyperbolic crack about being ” seduced and abandoned” was meant as a joke;
I guess no one but me remembers the 1964 Italian movie, Seduced and Abandonned.

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@gailcalled I’m sure Milo has been naughty nice this year.

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Apparently I’ve been a very very good girl :)

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I have been a very good bunneh. Okay, mostly good. Okay…I….Aww c’monnnnnnn

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I’ve been good but it’s been hard….

Yay for Jellyclaus! Hope he and @diavolobella get it on soon.

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I can neither confirm nor deny the state of my behaviour over the past year. I just wanted an opportunity to say that I appreciate Mr. J wearing the hat, and that the candycane is a nice touch. Thank you, powers that be.
PS – Please remove the portraits from all the rooms of my house now. You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones that have the eye holes cut out and cameras behind them….

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lover lover you don’t treat me no good no more…

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@Dog: I love the _for the most part, disclaimer!

JellyClaus!! Oh, how I love thee.

Dear JellyClaus,

I have been a good girl. I know, I still have memory problems, but instead of relying on my husband to do it for me, I really have been working on it…a lot! For Christmas I would love a lot of post it notes so I can write down things as I think of them, it will make life easier for the husband.

Oh, I’m being greedy, I know. Can I ask for one more thing? I really, really want a copy of Spoon River Anthologies. My son accidentally ruined mine. I have always loved that book. It’s quirky and interesting, all at the same time.

Thank you, JellyClaus!—And I promise to continue trying my best to have patience. I know I’m not always the best at that, but I am trying.

One more thing, can you bring @augustlan a little something extra. She deserves it, she’s been a very good jelly.


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Milo and I need nothing. Our plates are full. Milo just made some mulled mouse wine. Very tasty.

So I donate our share of the booty to the Health Fairy.

May she smile down on Cak, Whatthefluther, and all who suffer from pain, despair, the droops, or simply buyers’ remorse.

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I’ve been nice for a few hours. But I don’t think it’s for my entire year.

for JellyClaus:
Phew, I don’t believe in him, moreover, for his tentacle-beard. And he’s just buzzing every year.

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Blasphemer! Heretic! Nay- sayer!

@Hedaru if I were you I would be very leery of the toilet.~

(PS. The tilde ”~” denotes humor. Welcome to the collective!)

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@Dog You know, we really should add the tilde to the guidelines, since it’s a “thing” now

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@Dog – I saw him, in my sink (Cool thanks for the welcome!)
@papayalily – Yeah, nice “thing”.

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Ooh ooh ooh, I’ve been naughtily nice! But Mr JellyClaus, Sir, please remember I’m in America for this year, so if you’re all set to drop my presents off in the UK, you still have time to put them to one side in the sleigh, and bring them here instead! Thank you!!

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@papayalily I hold myself responsible for the revival.

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I’ve tried all year to be naughty… but I’ve failed miserably… Maybe instead of Coal I can get some Ambergris…to sell on E-bay ..edit I don’t think one can sell perfume on E-bay… I’ll take the coal instead…or batteries seeing its 2010 : )

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but the real question is has JellyClaus been good this year?

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I guess I’ve been good, because I got nice presents:)

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