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What is the best way to say love without saying love?

Asked by Hedaru (351points) December 24th, 2010

Just need a suggestion for a romantic or love expression sentence but without saying it directly. That we can say it with cool way, impressive accent, look smart, or any other good technique. Feedback appreciated. I need the best from you.

Cool Thanks,

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buy her a card

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Learn her love language and tell her that way.

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Men have a tendency to try to show love with their actions. While women appreciate that, they need the words too.

You can say things like:

You make my life complete.

You brighten my days and warm my nights.

But, really, for a woman, nothing substitutes for I love you.

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“Your farts are so bad”.

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Here are some circumspect phrases that always work for me:

“I lurve you!”

“Great question!”

“You had me at great answer!”

Also, you can use the phrase that’s under your Fluther name in the upper-right corner of this page.
E.g., the latest one under my name is, “You’re back! Our wish came true.”. :-p

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Here’s a fun one. Wrap a teddy bear in tin foil and put a love note inside. “Thinking of you” “Will miss you when I’m gone” etc. Then put teddy in the back of the freezer. When it is found, it will bring smiles.

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Adopt the most gormless facial expression known to man… know, Joe Biden’s default look! Then say in a loud & steady voice…. “Bibble Bobble Bobble Bibble!” Drooling down the sides of your mouth at the same time is an optional little extra :¬)

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– “I’m lucky to have met you.”
– “I love you.”

Best signs of true love:
– “I just checked your tire pressure. The left rear was low but I fixed it.”
– “I changed your oil.’
– ‘I fixed the leaking faucet in the bathroom.”

What marketing wants you to believe is true love:
– “This jewelry shows my love.”

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“Your absence leaves a hole in my life.”
“When you’re not with me, I find myself thinking about you constantly.”

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Find out what their favorite whatever is and get them one….or if it is too costly….take a picture of it and frame it and give it to them.

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@EGGIE – A little bit classic.
@SuperMouse – I think it’s only for adults and marriage couples.
@marinelife – Nice. That will work. And yeah, “I love you” is almost irreplaceable.
@Brian1946 – I will suggest a couple of jellyfishes for the first one.
@snowberry – I think it’s for kids, or ⅓ teenager.
@worriedguy – Great Thanks. You gave me some variation. The first serious one is my favorite. A good real action will deserve the best respond. Or if it fails, try again.
@BarnacleBill – A little bit imagery thing, but it’s fine.
@Cruiser – Good idea. Moreover, if I only give the picture of it.

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There’s also the classic, “olive juice” which if you just mouth the words looks like you’re saying I love you from a distance, but if you both know what it means, it works.

The best thing to do is just make up your own lingo that the both of you understand, but no one else really gets.

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@HearTheSilence – Hm, I’m not sure about it. But thanks.

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What should or would I (or you) do if I’ve (or you’ve) already or accidentally said “I love you”, not said love without saying love?
Thanks for it.

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@Hedaru it is absolutely not only for adults and married couples! I use it for with my children and with my boyfriend (not quite husband) all the time. Speaking to anyone in their love language is a gift that is always guaranteed to please.

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To me, actions speak louder than words. Doing something unexpected for me shows me your love. I don’t have to hear it, but I want to feel it.

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@SuperMouse – Oh. I get it, now I understand. The book cover and some image in there shows me an image about adult couples. (after read it further) Hm, the Words of Affirmation told that actions don’t always speak louder than words. Something I can agree, because that’s why human can talk. And for the Physical Touch, I can’t agree with that one ;) I’m still young That’s why I said it’s only for adults at the moment when you gave me the link.

@pearls – Absolutely agree. The real action is much better than saying, or even more, real action+passion+charm+think+words. But sometimes we need to speak, louder.

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Aisle of view (Piers Anthony)

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You could sign it. That sign is the combo of fingerspelling i,l, and y. Technically, you move it from your chest area towards the person you’re saying it to, but since it’s probably meant to be a cute, inside thing, you can make it work for the two of you.

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Love Languages isn’t just for couples or adults – I use it for my S/Os, family members, friends, really anyone I care about. All relationships have the same base involving healthy communication, respect, trust, etc, and it helps to strengthen that.

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@Trillian – I’m not sure. What is it?
@papayalily – Kind of a nice idea. But I don’t think every woman (okay, teenage girl) will understand it. Have you ever tried it?

[for the Love Languages]
I responded it for @SuperMouse who gave me a link to Love Languages for adults. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it at the moment. I didn’t even look up for the other subject (e.g. for Teenager and Kids). So technically, there’s no one wrong. But now I’ve understand. Thanks for that. I’ll look through it.

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Facepalm Sheesh. Say it out loud. Is this not what you wanted?

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@Hedaru Lol, that’s why you teach it to her. Maybe you two could spend an afternoon learning some basic ASL – where’s the bathroom, that man is an asshole/stuck-up, fingerspelling your names, cuss words, I love you, etc.

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@Trillian – No no, I just don’t understand. Please if you could explain further. Is it a book?
@papayalily – lol yeah.

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SAY IT OUT LOUD! Say it fast three times! What is there to understand? Just say it. I gave you exactly what you asked for in your question. All you have to do is be able to follow directions. Say – it – out – loud.

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@Trillian – okay, what is “Aisle of view (Piers Anthony)”? I’ve never heard of it. That’s why I asked back.
Please, be quiet

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@Hedaru Isle of View is the thirteenth book of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. Not that I have any idea what that has to do with this question.

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Jesus Christ on a pony. He asked for a clever way to say I love you. This is a play on words and if you SAY IT OUT LOUD it sounds like I love you.
Pearls before swine.
Trillian off this thread.

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@papayalily – Cool thanks. But I think I started to understand wht @Trillian said.
@Trillian – Oh. Get it. Sorry for a misunderstanding. Your first answer was so short, so I didn’t get it at the moment. again, please calm down
Alright! Pretty clever. Try to say: AISLE OF VIEW, but fast and loud. You’ll get I LOVE YOU inside it. Wow, cool thanks. Sorry before, need more time to know.

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I like the “Aisle of View”. It’s like the Spinal Tap thing “We were playing a gig on the Isle of Lucy

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@Blueroses – Yeah, like that. Almost forgot about the Spinal-Tap-Thingy.

I will try something first-to-try, “Isle of Myself”. Then I will feel confident to say it.
It should be a good alternative.

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i hate you !!! ( later on, “you know I was talking in opposites right?”)

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@queenie – Hm, there’s a proverb said that “from a Hate to Love it can Become”.
But for the real words, you can try it first with it.

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like this?

It’s true. Contempt and bickering can become true love in the space of a heartbeat.

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Most of teenage couples I found, yes. But doesn’t work for the old adults.

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@Gamrz360 – What was that? “I Romance You”?

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@Hedaru Actually that’s recommended in a book I read as a fun way to put some romance back into your marriage. It’s also a great way to lighten up, because romance doesn’t have to be serious. My husband once filled my dishwasher up with balloons. It was unexpected, and fun, and yes, it sent the message to me loud and clear, because those balloons were covered with hearts.

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@snowberry – Oh. Got it. I will try to read it, if a have a time. Thanks.

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when you love someone it’s in the things you do as much as in the things you say.
one man could tell his wife everyday he loves her, and she could become bored of just hearing the words.
another man could show his wife the different ways he loves her, surprising her with different gifts, or taking her places, or just doing this that he knows she loves.

but you should also say things that you mean, about how much she means to you, how beautiful she is.. things that show you love and appreciate her for just being her :)

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@melissachelsea – Totally agree what you said. Yeah, that’s make sense. Nothing without an action. So here it is, we’re talking about body language, something that we can use for say it, without saying it. Through the real meaning of love. Appreciation accepted. Thanks :)

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if you have an “open” body language it shows that you trust the other person, and by this i mean, not guarding anything, facing them straight on. it’s also important to make sure your always relaxed becuase if you are then so are they, and like little touches. maybe hold her hand, stroke her cheek with your thumb, it’s really the little things, i hope that kinda helps…. :/

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@melissachelsea – Haha. I’m still so young, it’s forbidden. :/ What I mean is something slight to do.

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smile when u see her, talk to her, as you walk past her make sure your hands slightly brush hers… ;)

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@melissachelsea – ...and don’t forget to say, “Hi + (with her name)!” ;)

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thats it :P hhaaaa

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