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What are the names of these wildflowers (see picture inside)?

Asked by LostInParadise (23625points) December 24th, 2010

I copied this picture from onto my desktop, but I don’t know the names of most of them. The red one in the middle is milkweed and I think the one on the bottom left is trout lilly, definitely a lily of some sort. I think the one on the top in the middle may be Queen Ann’s lace. I am clueless regarding the rest.

I sent a request for the names to the Web site, but never got a return. The people who run the site are from western Pennsylvania, so I am assuming the flowers grow in that region.

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The one on the bottom with the butterfly is butterfly bush, and the one to the left of it is bee balm. The yellow one in the upper left corner looks like a variety of coreopsis.

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The blue one above the lily is Blue Eyed Grass
The top purple one is dwarf larkspur
The bee balm/wild bergamot that @BarnacleBill mentioned.

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Top row, to the right of the yellow coreopsis, either a delphinium or a larkspur, and then Queen Anne’s lace; I’m not sure about the lime green/yellow threaded daisy.

Second row, bluet, lower part of delphinium and what looks like a viburnum carlesii.

Bottom row, Asiatic lily, bee balm, and possibly a butterfly bush.

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The top right yellow one is coltsfoot.
The top left yellow one is Lance-Leaf coreopsis

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The one with the butterfly is a Sweet Joe-Pye Weed
The lily is, as you correctly guessed, a trout lily

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The white ones on the right are moth mullein
The pink clusters in the middle are swamp milkweed
And the top middle white cluster is, of course, Queen Anne’s Lace

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Thank you all. Now I won’t feel so stupid when people ask me the names of the flowers. I am a little embarrassed for missing the Joe Pye weed.

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