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How do you know if you are being checked out?

Asked by tanner15 (5points) April 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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Maybe if you hear one of these.

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When that beep sounds and the lady behind the counter asks for your credit and or debit card.

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Here’s one way – catch them looking at you.

There’s this guy at work who – when we first met in our training class – kept looking at me. I know this because I was sitting across the room from him but in direct line of sight… and every time I swung around in my chair to face the person who was answering the trainer’s question – I’d catch him looking at me.

At first he’d look away fast, but as the days went by he got bolder and wouldn’t break eye contact. Eventually he started coming and hovering near my cubicle… but uh – yeah… I’m already taken :)

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You just know. it can be good or bad sometimes. I have had ladies wink at me…...and guys too….....ewww. But hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

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Well I know I’m hot so I’m being checked out by everyone all the time. You get used to it :D

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stares, wink, whistles, hi and smiles ;)

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The girls will check out my bulge….

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great zack is back.

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Someone on the housekeeping staff knocks on my door and says, “It’s 12:00 o’clock, are you staying another night?”

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if you’re naked people WILL look at you.

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