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Is Santa a Democrat or a Republican?

Asked by BoBo1946 (15285points) December 24th, 2010

He has to be a Republican!

Is a fat, old white guy who probably drinks too much and hates change

Conspires with big business once a year to rip-off millions of average Americans

Considers himself “compassionate” although he pays his elves far below minimum wage

Lives in a foreign land (North pole) to avoid paying U.S. taxes

Values the bottom line over the environment—think about all those reindeer droppings.

Author unknown.

Just a little political humor for the day. Merry Christmas my friends!

What do you think? Is Santa a Democrat or Republican?

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Personally, I say until he presents a valid long-form birth certificate, I’m not believing he is even an American.

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Lmao…........... Knowing better, you sounds like a Repub my friend! This is Anderson Cooper interviews Leo Derman Rep. Texas on Pres. O birth certificate… real good.

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he give things away for free. He’s a progressive.

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Santa is God. Stands in judgement and decides if you were bad or good.

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Both. He’ll choose the best who will give him a present stocks.

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He’s an honest politician – neither exist.

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Santa is a Democrat.

He gives away millions of dollars of presents to people.

He drives an environmentally friendly vehicle (reindeer powered).

He laughs a lot.

He has no problem with undocumented alien labor (elves).

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I’ve been tossing around the idea that Karl Marx never existed historically, but is actually a manifestation of Santa. Therefore, he’s a Communist. Whether he’s a Leninist or a Maoist remains to be seen.

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Let’s see…
He enters our homes without permission, so he isn’t a Constitutionalist.
He gives out hand-outs, so he isn’t Republican.
He gives Coal to bad kids, so he isn’t Green.
He runs an Elf Sweat Shop, so he isn’t Democrat.
He endangers wildlife (flying from roof to roof indeed!), so he isn’t Peace and Freedom.
He keeps a list on everyones good/bad status, so he isn’t Libertarian.
He is sane, so he isn’t Tea Party.

That really just leaves Independant.

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He’s supposed to be an Independent!

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@filmfann Good explanation!

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I guess as he epitomises the corporate Coca Cola ethos of superficial generosity, he is a filthy, fat Republican shill. May he choke to death on Reindear dung, so as to be replaced by an Elven Marxist revolutionary and genuine distributor of wealth.

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I wouldn’t think Santa Claus is a Republican or only the rich would recieve gifts.

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@mammal Tell us how you really feel.

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He is a myth. The question is a false alternative.

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Socialist….gives out freebies to all! ;)

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Wow… some great answers!

Btw, Sadie and I are enjoying our first White Christmas ! My first in 64 years here!

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@Cruiser Remember only Socialists aka Communists tax the rich to give to the poor. Capitalists aka God fearing true patriots only tax the poor to give to the rich.

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@BoBo1946 Great picture of Sadie. Thanks. She looks right at home in the snow with that beautiful white fur coat.

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Yes E, she is still a pup…. she wakes up in a different world everyday. She is the happiest dog i’ve ever had.

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@BoBo1946 Why wouldn’t she be? She knows she got lucky enough to land herself a good human. Could’a been Michael VIck.

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loll… ditto my friend!!!

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I think he’s a Green independent worried about his melting ice house at the North Pole.

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