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I need some good names for my story. Any suggestions?

Asked by platypusninjaa (18points) December 24th, 2010

I’m writing a realistic fiction story about a girl named Arabella and another girl named Josie. I need more names for the other characters, though. I don’t want them to be too plain, like Lucy or Bob(:P) and I want them to have a nice ring to them.

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Start it with “The”. Then you can add anything!

Related Example: Romance, Ring, Relationship, etc…

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Okay. :)
What kinds of characters do you still need names for? What’s their general style? And are they male or female, where are they from, and how old are they?

My standard list of non-boring names includes Archibald, Hedwig, Annabel, Leonard, Daniel, Julian, Lisette, Florian, Damien, Rosalind, Sylvia, Mireille, Olivia, Ludwig, Balthasar and Rudolph.

I’m in linguistics. Linguists use a lot of example sentences with Johns and Maries in them. And I’m sick of that.
Hence why I have a standard list of non-boring names.

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I need both male and female names. I want them to be pretty modern but not too abnormal. I like Olivia, Annabel and Julian. I think Damien’s pretty good, too. :)
All of Arabella’s friends are popular, talkative and sometimes not so friendly. Josie’s friends are quiet, nice and smart. They’re all about fourteen-fifteen.
Thanks! :)

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Eleanore. Dennison.

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@platypusninjaa – Oh. (I thought it’s for the title)
Male: Leonidas, Zephram, Nathan, Anthony, Alexis, Riley
Female: Harloquinn, Chloe, Venice, Gabriel, Samantha

I pick those randomly.

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Male: Elliot, Weston, Victor, Theo, Mason, Nick, Brooks, Trace

Female: Emery, Cassidy, Meredith, Leah, Paige, Audrey, Piper, Alyssa, Elena

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Elijah, Ulysses, Trevor, Naomi, Xavier, Paris, Hunter, Chow, Lola, Hayley, Brandon

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Claus ;-)

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Lucy_nice_ring, Bob_nice_ring_to_it.

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Brandy F Jessie M

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Girls: Bengal, Lillian, Chakra, Delphia, Karenza, Ophelia, Ella.

Boys: Jake, Adam, Ezra, Kendal.

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Male: Nigel, Niles, Klaus, Ramon, Durwood, Yuri, Boris, Vladimir, Saddam
Female: Peri, Donna, Scout, Yuri, Zumi

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