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Good manga series for a 13 year old girl?

Asked by Magic5678 (174points) December 24th, 2010

I really need some suggestions for some new manga. NOT ANIME. nothing against anime; I just need manga books.

Here’s a few of the books I love:
Full Moon
St. Dragon Girl
½ Prince

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D. Gray Man

The most popular cliche one of all: Death Note

Not many other manga’s that i know of that are too good.

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Kekkaishi looks fun.
My suggestion: visit a scan site and run a search for everything that bears the Shoujo (or else Shounen) tag. Those are originally marketed to a teen-aged audience.
In the case of Mangafox, you can set the search tool to exclude tags, not just include them., once a scan site, has dedicated itself to providing information about the various series.

Another possibility is to crunch through the TvTropes entries until you find a likely-looking series.

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For a 13-year-old? Hmmm…
At that age, I quite enjoyed Full Metal Alchemist. It’s not all BAAAAW FIGHTING GO or all smoochy romance. There were quite a few places where it veered towards philosophy, touching on points concerning “we can, but should we?” and the price of a human soul versus material things.

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Oooo, and Detective Conan (Case Closed! in the U.S.A.)! It’s mysteries, and it’s sort of interesting to try and deduce what could have happened before it’s revealed! They usually give you the information to solve it—you just have to figure it out! And you’ll know a hundred ways to kill a person with fishing line…

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Thanks everybody! I’ll look for these right away!!!!

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Fruits basket, Fullmetal alchemist and chrono crusade. (sp)

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Fruits Basket anime and manga are really really good. I love fruits basket and it has taught me some little things about life in the perfect little show.!

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