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If you could live anywhere with your two kids and a wife, where would it be?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 24th, 2010

In the U.S. or abroad, where would you choose to live your life with two kids and a partner? The kids are young, 4 and 6 yrs. so we need a place with decent schooling or I guess we could home school. We have some savings but not a lot and we’re not materialistic so we’re not looking for a mansion. We’re looking for a place with physical grandeur, the ocean or the mountains, safety, decent healthcare, the usuals. We like culture, arts, etc. but we don’t want to sit in traffic every day. What do you think?

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For you, Nebraska.

Me, personally, I have to live where I can visit the rest of my family, so moving away is pretty much out of the question. My husband’s company already moved us 500 miles away from ½ of our family, and the three or four times a years commute is not easy. Thank goodness, my son has started up a new family now, and two of my adult grandsons have moved here, so it’s not quite as bad.

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My short personal experience.
In Canada, Toronto is one of the best place to live with it. You can feel the cool, mild, comfort, modern, and gorgeous atmosphere and environment. Your kids can study even when they’re not in a school.

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Have you been to the Pacific Northwest? Either side of the US/Canada border is absolutely beautiful. Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are all great cities from what I’ve seen, you can find mountains, the ocean, all will have good schools, and are big enough to have a variety of culture and the arts without the traffic that comes with millions and millions of people.

If I had to live somewhere and the people I want to be close to weren’t a consideration, that’s probably where I’d head.

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Billings, Montana. The schools are great, the adults and kids are such a great combination of smart and polite, it’s a large enough town to have all the malls and movies but small enough to know at least 4 people every time you go to the grocery store. Dressing up for dinner out is new blue jeans and a button down shirt but there’s an amazing opera company too.

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Ooops, I guess I was wrong. This news report has a different idea – Canada.

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Do you have to make a living? Because that makes a difference.

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@YARNLADY – that report was dated 2004, I wonder if the attitude has changed in the intervening years.

I love Australia, course I love the USA too. But I do like the climate better here for sure. Not the cheapest place to live though that’s for sure.

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Victoria or Vancouver, BC, Canada would have all the beauty you require plus socialized medicine. Don’t know about the employment outlook.

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New Zealand has everything you list. link

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Vancouver is beautiful, with moderate change of seasons, and a fantastic city.

Southeast FL, I recommend Palm Beach county, where there are several magnet schools, Boca Raton has an excellent international Elementary called Morikami. Housing prices are still very depressed. The arts and culture are decent, but of course it is not New York City. There is an excellent ballet school in Boca, and both Palm Beach and Ft Lauderdale get Broadway shows and symphony. Just remember, buying t-shirts is way cheaper than a coat, sweaters, and mittens every year. Also not state income tax, but fairly high property tax, but the pay off is decent schools. The traffic is a little heavy depending where you live. You get he ocean, but off course no mountains. Also, many non-stop flights to many places and fares are reasonable due to heavy competition. Last minute cruises super cheap. Great shopping. And, Disney World! Disney with FL resident discount.

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@rooeytoo I’m really surprised at the date on the report (shame on me for not checking). Just yesterday I saw an advertisement on TV from Canada that was advising people to move there.

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@YARNLADY – well I was just curious as to whether it is still the trend. Canada is the last place I would move because of climate, except perhaps Vancouver Island. But I am a freezy ass as my mate calls me, I can get cold feet in the tropics.

There are so many amazing places in the USA, I don’t know why anyone would want to move outside of it except to expose children to a different culture or somesuch. I moved because I fell in love with an aussie. He would have moved to the USA but I wanted to experience Australia. Who knows we might move back to the USA someday.

Regarding NZ, again, for me the climate would be a negative. I just spoke to a friend earlier in the week and it is still cold and rainy there even though Dec 21 is the first day of summer.

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Charlotte, NC is supposed to be very nice also. I lived in Raleigh for a while, which I was eh about, but Charlotte is supposed to be more happening, and near the mountains. Beach is under 4 hours for a long weekend.

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Monaco (free cable)
Santa Cruz
Louisville, KY aint so bad

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@jazmina88 you had me at free cable

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Thailand: Inexpensive, exotic, international schools, gorgeous beaches, mysterious mountain jungles.
Siapan: Inexpensive, exotic, international schools, gorgeous beaches, mysterious mountain jungles, English and US $.

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