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Why do cats have barbed penises?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23954points) December 24th, 2010

Until today, I had no idea that this was even the case. I saw a National Geographic clip that explained and showed this, but now I want to know why this is. What kind of evolutionary purpose could having a barbed penis serve?

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What is a barbed penis?

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So do dogs, actually. I imagine it takes the female from pulling away.

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it stays in longer, more chance of conception.

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Ohhhh, that link just answered my question. Weeeiiiirrrddd!!!

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It makes it very difficult for the female to pull away, thus making it more likely that particular male will father the kits or pups. This is why when you see dogs going at it and try to chase them away, they often can’t separate. You have to wait until the dog’s erection deflates. Also, this is probably why we hear cats yowling when they copulate. It hurts!

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Apparently, the barbs help scrape out any other competing males’ semen. Poor fucking female cats. :-/

Edit: I honestly didn’t intend that pun. :P

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Well I guess the youtube link described it…But lets just be clear on one thing. Dog’s don’t have barbed penis’s, the only thing is that they have knots which makes it so that the female can’t escape when mating….(If I said that right..) But they do have to wait a while to let go since the knot has to reduce in swelling. (sorry I gave more info on the dogs penis rather than the cats but I know more of the canine penis rather than feline.)

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I’d heard that the scraping sensation upon withdrawal caused the female to ovulate. Don’t know if it’s true.

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Vincent is right. Dogs have no barbs on their genitalia.

Another reason for the feline barbs is that cats are induced ovulators and the barbs help stimulate them enough to ovulate.

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I believe it’s supposed to induce ovulation in the female cat, the actual release of the egg. The barbed penis literally shocks and triggers the physiological response for the female cat to ovulate, thus permitting fertilization. Or maybe cats are just a little kinky and love S and M? ;)

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How often do cats get laid?

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They are seasonal breeders for the most part, with March-September being the peak season. They come into heat every 2–3 weeks and keep coming into heat until they get pregnant (or spayed!) They are pregnant for just over 2 months. They will start coming back into heat a week or two after having the kittens, so, theoretically, they can have three litters a year.


@ratboy For Tomcats, whenever they get the chance! For female cats, about twice a year? Lol.

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