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A father/son scene just got me all teary-eyed. What gets you?

Asked by seazen (6113points) December 24th, 2010

Women: maybe it’s a mother/daughter scene?

Perhaps someone with a disability (Hoffman in Rain Man, Day Lewis in My Left Foot or maybe Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III)?

What gets the water ducts aflowing? What pulls your finger out of the dyke? What gets your waterworks erupting?

What scene made you cry, recently?

Bonus lurve for an explanation/background.

Evrul for pussies who just name the scene.

All in jest, jells, chill. Here’s a ~ to clarify.

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You know what really gets me? When I read about rape as a side effect of war – that I know there are thousands of men out there raping children because they can and because they hate. When someone is starving, when they’re homeless in NYC in freezing temperatures. When people recount their sexual assaults and the trauma they’ve felt since. When a cancer patient (stage IV) asks me ‘This is it, isn’t it? I’m going to die, right?’ What doesn’t fucking get to me? I can’t stand to see people or animals suffering.

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What pulls my finger out of the dyke? A sudden onslaught of liquid.

But seriously, the last scene(s) in Lord Of The Rings.

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@seazen I’m watching it right now. Also, the scene where Vader/Anakin dies, and the one where he’s cremated. Pretty much the entirety of Revenge Of The Sith. And several episodes of each Star Trek.

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I won’t say a thing.

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@seazen Because who are you to judge nerdiness, Picard?

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Oh, it takes one to know one, dear.

I’m all lurving you.

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Wow—this just did. And you know what kind of a believer I am. This goes beyond “religion” and gets to the heart of…something.

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My great nephew is 12 and handicapped, cant walk or talk. Now I can chat with him on FB and learning to communicate. Ian is the best kid ever!

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The scene in Dead Poet’s Society when Neil slowly walks down the stairs in a trance, with that eerie music, and then his parents find him… But what REALLY gets me is when they blame it on the teacher who supported him and thought he had their permission… When it was their own fault for keeping him from doing something he truly, truly enjoyed.


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In Garden State, whenever Andrew comes back to profess his love for Samantha, something about that scene just gets me. Also, the Pixar movie Up is a tear jerker, same with a few scenes in Finding Nemo..

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Those awful animal commercials. Like the one with the sad singing and the injured animals. Makes me bawl every effin time. If I catch it I switch the channel. Emotional manipulation is what it is.

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The scene in Hope Floats when the little girl runs out in to the street after her dad, sobbing and begging him not to leave her, while he just keeps driving away.

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[Edited out.]

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The scene at the end of The Simpsons episode #69 when Homer carries baby Maggie into her room and says “well Maggie, the sooner kids talk, the sooner they talk back. I hope you never say a word” and he puts her down in the crib and leaves and shuts the door and Maggie takes out her pacifier and says “daddy”. :)

Always gets me teary-eyed.

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In District 9 when the father “prawn” hides his son.

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That was a good film.

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