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What does this strange dream mean?

Asked by jessyamr (143points) December 25th, 2010

I dreamed of a guy I never had feelings for. I see him during science class and he already has a girlfriend. Well, the dream was:
“He called me on the phone and we talked a little then he said he liked me. I was surprised for a while then I said I liked him back. The next day, I saw him at my place sitting on the ground with his girlfriend watching TV and when he saw me, he gave me a wink”.

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It might just be confusion. People in our dreams can wear the faces of people familiar to us- but have a completely different personality. Was the dream-guy acting the same as the real-guy was?

If not, maybe you’re just thinking of the type of guy you would fall for, and are merely using his face as a template. Do you find him attractive?

If so, think about it. In real life, do you find him engaging? Handsome? Funny? Maybe you do have a crush on him.

Or all of this could be nonsense! Sometimes dreams just don’t make sense. Last night I dreamed I was going to a barbecue so I picked up an armful of raw, bloody steaks and carried them there! Anyways, if you don’t REALLY have a crush on him, I wouldn’t think too much of it.

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@MNCgirl is exactly right.

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just ignore it, it may not mean anything

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Maybe you think this guy is attractive and you want a relationship much like him and his girlfriend, but not necessarily with this particular guy. Because you don’t know the person who could potentially be your next lover, your brain often blurs out faces or replaces them with pre-existing ones.

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It means nothing

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Actually I’ve been studying dreams and the unconscious for a very long time, and the two are certainly greatly related with one another. I have taken on a very particular perspective when dealing with interpretation of dreams. I’ve learned one very important piece of information threw my trials with trying to figure out the dreams of others and myself included. The simple truth is that no one can truly interpret your dream except for you. Dreams are specifically tailored by ones own unconscious mind. The power of the unconscious brain is virtually limitless. Many people have had dreams of the future and in some cases they come true, but in most cases dreams are simply your unconscious mind delivering a coded message to the conscious mind. These messages encompass a large variety of purposes.

A very great reference to check out would be Carl Gustav Jung’s book “Man and His Symbols”. This would cover the concepts that Ive mentioned in much greater detail and in-comparison with Carl’s other books, this one is much more understandable. If you’re not a fan of reading, grab the audio book.

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I can’t know for sure, because Xilas is right and none of us knows you. But given the information you give us, and the fact that this dream caused you to seek answers, I would suggest that you are rehearsing the theme you encountered in the dream: maintaining your relationship with someone (a man?) who is emotionally engaged with another.
Who does that remind you of?

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Thank you all for your responses… I greatly appreciate them :)

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