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What would you want your funeral to be like?

Asked by Kay (1608points) April 8th, 2008

Today I went to a viewing for an uncle that passed away, and I was thinking that I don’t want all of my relatives sitting around being depressed in some god-awful funeral home when I die. I’m not quite sure what type of service, if any, I would want but I know that I don’t want it in a depressing funeral home with beige walls and “funeral home” organ music playing in the background.

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i hope not to have a funeral, because i hope to never die.

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A little documentary like this would be nice…

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I like flickering lights around it. Cuz it would look pretty.

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The funeral I haven’t put much thought into, but I’m really into the idea of an amazing estate sale to follow.

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I hate how at funerals you think about things that you never got a chance to say to that person, so I’d like a party. I would want people to celebrate my life, not mourn my death. I want them to remember all the good times I had with them and how much we enjoyed times we spent together. (If someone didn’t like me, they probably won’t be at my funeral anyways.)
I’ve had a pretty amazing trip so far. I’ve made extremely good friends, traveled the world, learned new things, laughed til I cried and my cheeks hurt, been in love – just experienced life.
I would want people to remember that.

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I don’t have my whole funeral planned but I would like the following:

1. I want to be cremated because open casket viewings freak me out.
2. I want my ashes buried with a headstone cuz I love visiting cemeteries & reading the headstones & wondering about them & their life.
3. Since there will be no body to view, I want my family to memoralize me with pics from my youth when I was smokin hot. No pics of me old & feeble.
4. I want the song, “Way Over Yonder” by Carole King played & sung.

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First the lights would dim, smoke would suddenly start to come out of my casket. Then my body would be lifted out and wailed around the room, all for it to only stop in the center of the room and start dancing to some cool music.

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I would like to be buried under an old oak tree in a wide open area. I don’t want to be buried in a graveyard.

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I want everyone to crack open a beer and talk about all the crazy stuff I did until they’re tear streaming laughing. Thats the only kind of crying I want.

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I’d want “Ha Ha You’re Dead” by Green Day to be played. That would be awesome.

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I dont really want a funeral. I just want to be thrown in the ground. Maybe cremated since I’ve heard it’s cheaper. A funeral is just people sitting around, some being sad, some pretending to be sad. I dont really want any part of that. I just want to basically dissappear from the planet.

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I want a party. Admission price is their favorite food to share. Then have everyone tell a funny story about me or something that I did or we shared that made them laugh or smile. That’s it.

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funerals are crazy expensive! My family is planning one for a friends little boy that just died.

I’d just want something chill, like on the beach. Good times, listening to bob Marley. Yep. But that’s not for me to decide, I’ll be DEAD!!!!

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Oh I think a massive procession with bagpipes blaring leading to my man-made mountain of a tomb loaded with treasures that is guarded by thousands of terra cotta warriors would be sufficient. Seriously, I don’t care what happens to my body after my death because I’ll be dead. I really won’t know or care if I have a huge funeral or thrown in a land fill.

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They can throw me in a field to rot for all I care. I want my friends and family to grieve for me in whatever way is appropriate for them individually.

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@ketoneus: a field is good; you become compost. And I agree w. you about the grieving process belonging to those still living.

My sister wants to be left in a tree as some Indian tribes did, and be used for carrion. And I rather like the idea of ending up on an ice floe.

My mother, who is still a control freak at 93, has picked out her coffin, prepaid the funeral parlor, given me the deed for her plot and told us what to do for a service. I think we will have some latitude when the time comes, but those instructions feel powerful to me.

So, if you feel strongly, write out your wishes. Even the young die, sadly and unexpectedly.

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this is actually somethingnive studied to great detail but cannot type it all up on my iPhone. So I simply suggest reading the American way of death by jessica mitford and stiff by Mary roach.

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I honestly don’t care. It’s not like I’ll be around to appreciate it.

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Since funerals are for the living, I told my daughter to do whatever she feels comfortable with. But I want this song played. It is my favorite song.

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A big party. I don’t want anyone to cry for me when I die, I want them to remember all the good times we had when I was alive. So, a big party would be a great funeral for me. Nice music, food, drinks, everything. And I’ll be watching. In case someone starts crying, I’ll try to get into his/her mind, and make him/her happy again.

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