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When Fluther will have the Chinese version?

Asked by ooof (4points) December 25th, 2010


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Welcome to Fluther. Not soon, sadly.

Here is why.

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It’s very unlikely that Fluther will be modified specifically for different languages, or at least for awhile. You can try translating the page if your web browser has such a feature; Google Chrome can change all the text on a webpage from one language to another with a single click, so you could try that browser.

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You mean Fluther is not Made in China?

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I heard on TV that more Chinese speak English than there are Americans.

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I just googled and that is not the case it seems. Anyway, it would be great to have fluther in every language, but then we might lose some people on our English site from other countries :(.

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@syz It’s an exclamation, as in, “RRRRRT, I can’t believe Fluther isn’t available in Chinese!” ~

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Perhaps it’s RT for “ReTweet”.


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