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Interesting ways to pass the time on a long bus ride?

Asked by answerjill (6183points) December 25th, 2010

I have a 9 hour bus ride coming up. Besides reading, sleeping, eating, internet (this bus supposedly has WiFi), any additional ideas for passing the time? Note: I am traveling alone.

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Music, books and cameras are always your best friends.

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Sleeping is always good.

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If you have ever had the notion of writing a story, fiction or possibly your auto-biography, this would be a very good opportunity to start your book.

I would just jump at the chance to be able to sit and read and not have to do anything else.

You could look up recipes online and find a bunch of stuff that you’ve been curious about making or tasting and start organizing your list.

You could go on one of those geneology sites and find out about your family tree.

If you have a lot of photos on your computer that need to be edited and sorted, that will take up quite a bit of time.

Get chatty with your seat mate and then write about the story later.

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Learn magic from the many tutorials on youtube
Solve riddles and puzzles

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Record the entire trip on video and commentate as you film.

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My husband and I watched a movie last time we were on a bus.

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take a large iPod and listen to a lot of music. listen to podcasts.

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Try getting game apps that have a chatroom like orchid by adam schmelze

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Audiobook it. Narative passes the time well. Or chat with a friendly fellow passenger. Nine hours ain’t so bad.

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Get a window seat so you can see the countryside
Listen and observe your fellow passengers
Start up a conversation with someone
As a last resort try a sudoku

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Six letters: K I N D L E

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start making “meow” sounds discreetly and every once in a while, look around and say “Do you guys hear a cat??” Then continue your meowing until some one tells you to stop, then hiss at them and go back to your business. :)

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Bring a small sketch book and do simple sketches of things you see out of the window, epole on the bus, imaginary animals, etc.

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If I thought I had to take a long bus ride I would not sleep for 50 hours prior so that I could sleep. I would hate to be conscious on a long bus ride.

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How about observing Sandra Bullock driving the bus and keep it moving above 50 miles per hour at all times? This should be exciting.

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