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Unlock iPhone 4 in India?

Asked by senthilkumar (34points) December 26th, 2010

If I buy iPhone 4 in US, can I use it in India? Or how can I make it work with Indian sim cards?

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@senthilkumar Senthil, risk edukaatheenga. I suggest you come down to India and buy the available model. Rasa maathiri inum rendu moonu peru iruntha naama 3G network ah kooda nenachu paaka mudiyathu!!

I am sure you will get a lot of suggestions to jail break your iPhone 4G. The point is, you will never use 4G network at least for another two year or so in India. Ena na solrathu correct thana.


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@santoshannamalai Yeah man, what you say is 100% right. Temptation only made me ask the question. :) Cheers.

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