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Do you know anyone that celebrates Kwanzaa?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) December 26th, 2010

Today’s the first day of it’s celebration. I have never met anyone that celebrates it lol.

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Yes, I do.

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Yes…a very dear customer of mine does and it sounds like a wonderful time.

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Yes, I do too, though I don’t observe myself.

I see how it might be important to some people who feel that there is a sort of “forced assimilation” thing with regards to the European-based Christmas. African-Americans were punished for following whatever customs they observed with their peoples in the various areas of Africa; the masters were afraid such observances would lead to uprisings or their own deaths. That’s also why when the various peoples were brought here, care was taken to mix up groups so that no one could communicate with each other and then try to escape or revolt.

The masters wanted these people broken so that they’d believe their only worth was to serve as slaves. In order to do that, you have to constantly abuse people and strip them of their identity and sense of self-worth, which is bound up in their customs, language and traditions.

Imagine if your ancestors came here and were forcibly made to give up their ways. The descendants might want to create an observance to acknowledge who they are, even if it might seem amusing to people outside the group.

And anyway, all “traditions” have been made up. I don’t give any holiday any more credence based on how long it’s been celebrated because all holidays are made up.

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No because I am not African American and I don’t celebrate holidays that don’t involve me.

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Let me add that I don’t know anyone who celebrates its either because I don’t get involved in the personal lives of others. I don’t know many black people and the ones I do know never mention Kawanza

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I only once met someone who does, in fact that was the first time I had heardof it I think? I was pretty young, and met her in passing, I barely remember the circumstance. None of my black friends celebrate it to my knowledge. I would guess here in Memphis there might be some community npand individuak celebraions, since there is a very large African American population, I should google it.

What little I know about the holiday, I think it lacks a story. Correct me if I am wrong here. Chanukah has a mean king, and the miracle of the oil. Christmas has people trying to find shelter and a new baby, not to mention santa thrown in. Kwanza might have done better as part of an African American festival a different time of year. Like St. Patty’s Day, or Cinco de Mayo. Not that I am trying to turn it into a big drinking party, lol, maybe it is more Rosh Hashana and Yum Kippur, a time to be pensive, remember, celebrate, and evaluate life.

Most African Americans are Christian I think, and many are Muslim, and Christmas time and kwanza together seems like a lot at once to me. But, I have never discussed it with anyone who would have some valuale opinion on it. My opinion means very little on the topic, I don’t give it much weight.

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Not to my knowledge, but I don’t spend tons of time asking people what holidays they do and don’t celebrate, so it’s entirely possible that I know people who celebrate it and simply don’t realize it.

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Living in a predominate area with many African Americans, every one of them that I know personally doesn’t celebrate it lol.

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Seems Memphis does do some community stuff.

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