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If Fluther charged $1 a year, would you stay?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 8th, 2008

I would. What are your thoughts?

I get 10% if it happens.

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I would probably pay 10$ for a lifetime membership if we got a ad-free version.

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I get 20%! But I would pay the membership fee.

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just put ducktape on your screen to cover up the ads.

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hell no!! I have yahoo answers!

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I would have no problem paying. I’d kinda have to because I would go crazy without fluther now.

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I would. I actually enjoy paying tiny fees for web related things. Like the $1 SSH account I bought…

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I don’t even notice the current ads.

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I don’t either. I just feel bad about blocking them.

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no fees, I will leave and start wluther. A free site.

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Let’s see…. I discovered the site 4 hours ago joined approximately 3 hours ago & already have 26 stars next to my name. I’m guessing in another day and more stars by my name I’d pay. I love getting stars when I’m not even sure why. {{giggles}}

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I’d pay if it would shape the community back into people who care. Seems like the chat is much more banal these days.

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sure I would. I’m mindnumbingly sick and haven’t been able to move all day because I throw up. Fluther has kept me company when I wasn’t sleeping or crying.

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To the ad complainers: why would Andrew and Ben devote their lives to a web site if they didn’t expect to make money on it? Web sites cost money to run. There are server costs, design and development costs, plus a huge amount of time has to be invested. Unless they have some VC money, how are they supposed to keep this site afloat without ads?

I agree that the advertising on some sites is obnoxious to say the least. But, if you are visiting a web site and blocking the ads, you are breaking your part of the social contract. I don’t want to call it stealing, but its….stealing.

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Well Del*. I wish I could help. Sleep well.

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of course I would! :) yippeee

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@lunafemme; welcome aboard. Here are Fluther guidelines

Please note that they are different than Yahoo!

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Yessiree. I might be tempted to give out membership during the holidays.

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anything to help the creators of this great site. With the time and money spent I still don’t think anyone really gets all of that back.

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I would leave. I like fluther. I think I’m starting to know more people here. I need an avatar so people can notice me more and maybe get more points. But that aside, I’m only here to pass time. Its nice because its active, but I can go tons of other places for free. Also I’m poor. Maybe someday I can aford to pay for sites and podcasts I enjoy, but not now.

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Thanks for all the support, everyone!

Just so you know, we plan to keep Fluther free, but we appreciate the support.

If you’d like to help support us financially, we’re about to start selling beautiful Fluther t-shirts again. They should be ready in a few weeks, so get ready to stock up.

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NO! (seriously, I wouldn’t)

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Just use an iPhone if you dislike the ads! I’d pay the buck!

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And… What ads?

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OH HELL YEAH…... I’d like 3-XL and
2-Lg, LOL, I was about to say, aahh What ads?

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I see none.. I guess its the iPhone, eh?

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Ben? How do I purchase the T’s? Can they be prepaid?

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As for your question Hairypalm, absolutely I’d pay…

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LOL scrowell! So many posts! But yea I don’t see any advertisements on this.

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I would totally buy a shirt if it didn’t have a .com on it. The logo and Fluther would be nice.

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Well I never even knew Fluther has ads, because my browser blocks them all with some free plug-in I downloaded a while back…

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Heck no, a website like yahoo! answers (free) ain’t getting my money!

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Um, no. Seriously people, who are you trying to kid? If even 5% of those that said they would actually did, I’d be shocked. I love it, but I wouldn’t pay anything.

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probabably not

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If you can pay from other countries too, I would.

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$1 a year is nothing… Working for 1/6 of an hour would make you more than that. If there was a fee instituted I would happily pay up to stay a member here.

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I didn’t even notice there were ads until someone up there mentioned it. I’d pay a dollar, heck I’d pay five.

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We aren’t offering T’s just yet (they’re in production, and coming soon). There will be a big announcement on the site when they’re ready.

Interesting that the .com turns you off… we’ll talk about removing this.

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I want a bumper sticker that says ” how do you flutter”?

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The .com is when it starts to feel like I am advertising by wearing the shirt I paid for. It would be fine if it just said Fluther. People can Google it if they want to know what that is. Actually, some confusion would probably would probably be more effective for advertising purposes.

I really avoid clothing with logos.

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I have to take the distaff POV. I love the .com since I love the site (disclaimer; I am not a neutral bystander.)

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im with johnpowell on this .com is a major turn off. It also makes it look less umm official i guess would be the way of describing it. I think a shirt that had a nice picture of the jellyfish on the front with the word Fluther on one of the sleeves would look great.

again i hate the feeling that im paying to advertise something. Even something great that i love.

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Fluther has ads? :P

Seriously though: no. Not sure if I’d even be able to pay through the internet. Even if I could, I wouldn’t. I answer far more questions than asking them myself, so I’d be paying to help other people, which I can also do elsewhere.

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I would pay for membership, and I will buy a shirt when they are ready, but I’m not fond of the .com either. If someone were to ask me I would tell them was Fluther is, and if they aren’t smart enough to figure out the .com part for themsleves, I’m not sure I would want them on the site.

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I would so buy a shirt. Like most people here, the .com is a turn off, but still not enough of one for me not to buy a shirt.

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I think Fluther temporary tattoos are the way to go. Who wouldn’t want a jellyfish on their neck or forearm. Aren’t jellyfishes the new owls, or unicorns?

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I’ll get a real tattoo for 5k on my arm.

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Chuck Norris had a Fluther tattoo before the site even existed…

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his heart is half deadly jellyfish.

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Can we send Chuck an invite? It’s still free.

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I’ll see, he’s at my house grilling steaks on his bare hands.

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And if you make shirts please use tees from American Apparel.

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@JP- I almost mentioned that. Aside from me liking the fit, it seems like a good standard in sizing.

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mmmm I love them. I like to take their boys sizes and cut off the shoulders and collar, and wear em like that.

jrpowell's avatar


I’m flashing back to my youth and the TV show “Fame”. Damn you.

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Luckily I wasn’t born yet, so I can just qualify it as ‘retro’. ;)

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@johnpowell. Please. Like we’d ever use anything but American Apparel. Or like we’d not offer women’s sizes either. C’mon.

We used to even offer an organic version. BAM!

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Can’ wait till these come out! I’ll be the coolest one in school with the only Fluther t-shirt. I love the logo, so I think it would make a great graphic, and the sales would be a great source of revenue for the site.

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