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How quickly did you know you'd marry her? Did you choose well?

Asked by Crossroadsgrl (922points) December 26th, 2010 from iPhone

What was the moment ,guys ,when you thought, “this girl is mine!” and went on to propose, and are still married. Was it something she said? The way she handled a situation? An amount of time had passed? What made her stand out?

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I knew I wanted to marry her very quickly. She was cute and clever, much smarter than me, and endlessly fascinating. I took my time before actually proposing, but when she said yes I stopped playing the lottery. Because I’ll never get that lucky again.

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My husband says he knew almost right away. He had to ask about 5 times before I said yes.

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She says she knew right away.
It took me about 6 months. I realized it when I took her out dancing to an old jazz band. The music, the light, and her beauty just overwelmed me.

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When i first spotted her, it was love at first sight for both of us. its hard to explain. my wife was a model in a high dollar department store. i use to hate women with red hair, just a quirk of mine. but, she had red hair that set my eyeballs burning. i could not get to her quick enough to ask her name. we dated for six months and the rest is history. we are stilled married to each other today. 45 years of heavenly bliss. (did i say that?)

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I chose poorly. I was in my mid 30s, and ready to be married. She was who I was dating, and we progressed after a while to it being the time to get engaged or break it off completely. Except for the two fantastic children that came out of it, I should not have married her.

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Been with the same lady over 25 years. I was dating two women at the time. One was a tiger in bed, but couldn’t carry on a conversation. I chose the other one, smart, witty, and yeah, I chose well.

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Two or three weeks. Three meetings. I just knew. I also knew she would marry me, so I could be patient and let her go through whatever she needed to go through. It took her a while longer to realize what I already knew, but then she agreed, but not in time for her father to find out. He died in the few weeks between the time we decided and Thanksgiving, when she wanted to announce it.

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My husband says he knew right away (as well). He says I didn’t do anything specific he “just knew”.

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