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What matters more today - Experience or a brilliant idea?

Asked by santoshannamalai (132points) December 27th, 2010

Few years back if you really wanted to be a CEO of a company or planning to start your own firm, you would definitely need a lot of experience and patience.

Today, things aren’t the way we think. If you really have a KICK-ASS IDEA and you are passionate and confident about it, then you can go ahead and start your own company. Don’t you guys agree to my point?

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You might have passion and a kick ass idea to start a business but you’ll need experience and perseverance and knowledge of how to play in the game in order for your business to make it for any length of time.

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I agree, it’s not easy to start a business, and we’d have to be passionate to make it a successful one.

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You might get the title of ceo because of your kick ass idea but if you are going to get any venture capital you will be following the guidence of those who have invested an interest in your idea

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An idea is just an idea without the funding and the hard work to execute it.

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You need both. Experience builds a brilliant Idea. A brilliant Idea enhances experience. The idea can be summoned, but with experience. Simply; these are the two key concepts for success.

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Remember for each high flying success there are thousands of didn’t get off the ground.

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I think you need both if the idea is to be come a successful business.

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Without brilliant experience you can’t have brilliant Idea. Until you are not a brilliant programmer you can’t give the world; Face Book or Microsoft. If you have no experience of cooking you can’t bring the idea of KFC. Experience doesn’t mean that you should do a job in some company, experience means you should have a solid grip in the field by completing many successful projects.

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