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About how much do servers/hosts make per week in Columbia, SC?

Asked by lbwhite89 (1208points) December 27th, 2010

I currently work as a bank teller making $11/hr for 30 hours per week. Right now I go to school at night, but I’m transferring soon and will have to take classes during the day. Therefore, I’m going to be forced to quit my job and get a night job. The only thing I can think of is restaurants and grocery stores.

**Which of these two jobs will bring in more money, on average?**

My bills per month add up to about $500—$550, including car insurance, gas, phone bill, food, etc. So, I need to bring home around $140 per week to pay for everything. I’ll only be working around 25 hours a week probably.

I know pay varies by location, but I’m wondering about how much I can bring in.

I’d rather be a host, but can I make $140 a week doing just that or will I have to serve? I’ve done both before.

I thought a grocery store might be better so that maybe I could land a bookeeper position after a few months, which will look sooo much better on my resume than just a cashier. But I’m not sure if that’s realistic or if it would work out.

Anyone with experience in working while going to school full time, I’d appreciate some insight! :)

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If you are specifically looking for a night job in Columbia, you might want to consider something like a night clerk or night auditor at an upscale hotel or motel like Embassy Suites or The Sheraton downtown. As long as you are not in something like Motel 6, night jobs in that industry are pretty safe. Most of the restaurants that you would make good money as a server in, are going to be closing up during the week by 10–11 pm. My niece was working at the restaurant at the Marriot on Main St during the breakfast shift (5 am to 11 am) and knocking down about $650/wk. She was very good at her job and liked it alot, but a conflict with management ran her off and she continues to be unemployed.
Good luck – I hope you find something that suits you and that you like!

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