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Is adult nail polish bad for kids' nails or is it all the same?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 27th, 2010

My daughter is a preschooler and she likes nail polish. I have some kids’ nail polish, but she wants the color that I wear, so I am wondering if adult nail polish is any different than kids’ nail polish. Is adult nail polish bad for kids or is it all the same?

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It is my understanding that because children tend to put their fingers in their mouths quite often, it is not a good idea to use adult nail polish on a toddler. Here is some information I found.

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Most nail polish is bad for everyone because of the chemicals and the fact that the nails are covered in a material that won’t allow them to “breathe.” I wouldn’t recommend it for a preschooler who will probably ingest some of it. If you are going to let her use it, use the OPI brand.

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Polish has bad chemicals, polish remover even more. Having said that, I have raised 3 children that were polished and had no problems. I think a reaction is a crap shoot, the child may or may not have one. Mine did not, but that does not mean yours will not.
Try not to polish your nails when the child is around, that will help prevent her from wanting yours. I try to do my polish while the granddaughter is napping or at night after bedtime. I only do that because I really do not want to polish her, that is my time to relax and enjoy being a woman.

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I don’t think it matters (its bad for all parties involved), but the chemicals should be taken into consideration, esp. with young kids and if they have respiratory issues.

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I’d only be worried (and only a little bit) if your daughter is a thumb-sucker, nail-biter, or just tends to have her fingers in her mouth a lot. Generally, the polish designed for kids is non-toxic.

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I would stick with the kid’s stuff. Children can understand that there are different products for adults and children. (Of course, I have no idea if the kid’s stuff is not bad for them….)

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I don’t think it would be bad necessarily for your kid to wear your nail polish. it might matter if she likes it too much and gets possessive of it, and decides to take it. Or if she ruins your nail polish ; that probably wouldn’t be great either.

So it’s all up to you on whether to take that chance, you know how kids are.

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