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Sports fans : What are your sporting highlights of this past year? (2010)

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 27th, 2010

Yeah, as is normal when one year draws to a close the inevitable retrospective look back on the past 365 days rears it’s head. This one concentrates on the wonderful roller coaster thrill of a ride that is everything sports related. Could be your team flourished or an individual play or sportsman/woman caught your eye. For me, being English I shall overlook the err, ahem….world cup debacle! Quickly moving on, my club football team won promotion & are currently exceeding expectations, long may it continue. The Ryder Cup & The Ashes are two other notable highlights. Also a gripping F1 season once again went down to the last race. How about you & yours eh?

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I’m not a sports fan but The Saints winning the Superbowl was a real high.

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Yes, like @janbb, very happy to see the city of New Orleans to have something to cheer about.

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Giants win the World Series. Nothing in the last ten years except the Red Sox first Series win even comes close.

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The Saints winning the Superbowl, the Canadians winning gold medals in the Winter Olympics that they hosted, US skiers Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso winning the Gold and Silver medals in the Women’s downhill, the Lakers barely beating the Celtics for their second straight championship, and the SF Giants winning the world series for the first time in 56 years.

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The Saints winning the Superbowl—they really seemed like America’s team.

The whole Winter Olympics were very exciting.

The Eagles coming back to defeat the NY Giants a couple of weeks ago.

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The Winter Olympics, the World Cup, The Winter Classic.

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Amy Williams winning a gold medal at the winter olympics. She’s a friend of a friend (I think I have said hello to her twice!!!) and a local girl so I really rooting for her.

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Armando Galarraga’s near-perfect game.
He threw the last pitch, ran and covered first on the play, got the throw and beat the runner by a full step, and the Umpire misses the call and declares the runner safe. Galarraga looks up and smiles.
The next day the Umpire and Galarraga meet at the plate to exchange line-ups. The Ump admits he blew the call, costing the pitcher a special place in baseball lore. The pitcher accepts the apology with grace.

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I’m not a big football fan like my husband, but I happened to be looking at the TV when this HUGE guy started running the ball….I didn’t know exactly what was up, I just know it had my jaw hitting the floor, and I yelled for Rick to “Come here! You gotta see this!” Well, I hadn’t seen the play at all, but apparently a linebacker intercepted the ball and man, he just bulldozed down the field. He was even tried to do cutback! Without all of this info, I just knew I’d seen something special when it happened!
I can’t even tell you which team it was for.

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Alex Bilodeau winning the first gold medal on Canadian soil was huge.

Sidney Crosby’s golden goal – still gives me chills to watch it.

Canada winning the most gold medals we’ve ever won, and the most golds of any Olympic host country ever, was the best thing. All the other Canuck jellies can tell you that the feeling of camaraderie up here during the Olympics was intense and awe-inspiring.

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World Cup in South Africa.

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